How It Should Have Ended has come up on this site before. It uses animation and comedy to point out flaws in character actions that would have really changed the story, sometimes ending poorly for our heroes. When they do superhero movies, however, there is one added feature: the Super Café. Essentially it’s Superman, Batman, and some guest superheroes from whatever movie is being parodied pointing out more flaws while sitting in a cafe having coffee. There are also stand-alone skits in which Superman and Batman banter over coffee, and a spin-off where the villains sit in a pub drinking beer and goofing with each other as villains in a comedy do.

I love these segments, and have even homaged them in Jake & Leon, using Power Girl & Huntress and Supergirl & Nightwing in a similar setting. Recently HISHE put out a two-video compilation of their Super Café and Villain Pub skits and shorts, which is what I’m posting tonight. All of their skits, except for the latest one that came out after the compilation, as Superman and Batman discuss the Last Jedi trailer, are here for your enjoyment. As is a third video with that trailer discussion so that you’re all caught up. Because I like you people.

Check out their movie parodies and future Super Café skits over on their YouTube channel.

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