Excuse me, sir? You’re not anywhere in this comic. I think you’re on the wrong cover.

Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge #3

WildStorm (February, 2004)

“Lion-O’s Fate”

WRITER: Fiona Avery

ARTIST: Carlos D’Anda (who also drew the cover–did he get two comics he was working on confused too close to press time?)

COLORISTS: Wendy Fouts-Broome, & Carrie Strachan

LETTERER: Nick Napolitano


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair

Lion-O is brought before the Griffin Princess, Altaira, who has the power of dream gazing. She will determine if Lion-O and the Thundercats are friends or foe. However, the Eye Of Thundera directs the visions to show the others have made it through the forest with Anubis’s help only to encounter a Berserker vehicle whose name I’ve long since forgotten (it wasn’t in the show much if at all but it looks familiar) that damages the Thundertank. Somehow they still manage to take it apart, leading to a one-on-one battle. The vision ends but Altaira needs a little more persuasion before not only allowing Lion-O to go but joining in the battle along with the griffins to rescue Hachiman and defeat the pirates.

What they got right: The art is very good (including Mr. Notinthecomic on the cover), leading to what would have been a tense battle (I’ll get back to that). The scene with the introduction of Altaira was well-drawn, and I do understand why the Griffins were concerned, although Altaria had at least some knowledge of the Thundercats’ coming thanks to her visions. Also the youngest Griffin we meet is 500 years old, which gives some idea as to how long-lived the Griffins are.

What they got wrong: Okay, Avery, we get it, YOU HATE HATE HATE SNARF! Remember that part about how the battle would have been intense? Avery’s Snarf-hate ruins it with Snarf going on and on about how scared he is, how saying “Snarf” all the time is actually him passing gas now, swearing off wildebeest jerky more than once, and just being annoying as possible! If you hate Snarf so much you’ll go to this length to make him look bad as possible, even to the point where Lion-O, while being in a cage suspended from the ceiling and calling himself stupid is at least glad he isn’t Snarf, then why did you bother writing him into this story! Keep him at Cat’s Lair. Have him off with the Berbils. Don’t even mention him. SOMETHING! And why are the Thunderkittens (whose names are still being misspelled) insisting he has to join the fight? In the hopes he’ll be killed? Because it’s quite obvious Avery’s Snarf-hate is being projected into the Thundercats, including Lion-O. SO WHY IS HE HERE?

In non-Snarf related failures, they actually did name the forest guardian Anubis. Seems rather blatant. There’s also the alluded to cover featuring someone grabbing something that has nothing to do with this miniseries. I don’t think that’s supposed to be Mumm-Ra, who gave the Berserkers a device that can block the Thundertank’s sensors (which doesn’t stop Panthro from easily blasting their power supply by naked eye on the first try because he’s Panthro), so did they make a mistake? And the aforementioned misspelling of the Thunderkitten’s names. I own the sourcebook and previous issues. I know you have the proper spellings available to you. Finally, why is the Griffin Princess a human with large wings? Shouldn’t she be…you know, a Griffin?

Recommendation: The Griffin scenes were good, the fight would have been good if not for Avery’s Snarf-hate ruining the moment, so it’s a mixed bag this issue. I suppose if you want the full miniseries you’d get this issue, but it’s getting on my nerves. If you hate a character this much don’t use him or fix what you think is wrong. Don’t ruin a good moment just so you can say “look how horrible this character is, loathe him with me”. Geez, Scrappy-Doo doesn’t get this much hate and they made him the villain in the first live-action movie! You know what, let’s talk about this later tonight, shall we?

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2 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    I’d love to see how well the Griffins are drawn. One thing that sounds good about this comic series is how it does more exploration of Third Earth and the beings who live there. Too bad about Snarf’s treatment. That’s the one feature of this comic that isn’t appealing. I believe that Mr. Snarf deserves more respect.


  2. Sean says:

    Altaira, the Griffin Princess, is a cool mystical character. The story line in issue #3 is very well plotted out. For instance, the battle of the Thundercats vs. the Berzerkers is very intense action. Artwork is once again top notch. Yes, I will definitely say that the artwork in this 2003/2004 series is much better than the artwork in the 1980s Star Comics Thundercats comic books. Reading issues #1, 2, and 3 of Thundercats; Hammerhand’s Revenge made it a great Saturday. Now I’m about to read issues #4 and 5 on this President’s Day afternoon. Tomorrow morning, I will write my impressions on the final two issues of this series. Also, there were more fascinating video game ads in this comic. Tronix, have you ever played Haunted Mansion, Jagun Fighters (they look like robotic Samurai), or Super Duper Sumos?


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