Samus Aran, the hero of the Metroid franchise. No, this isn’t the theory I teased. I think yesterday’s commentary used up my mind limits but it had to be said. Instead I’m bringing you a theory from the web series Gnoggin that suggests Samus Aran’s post traumatic stress disorder, as suggested in other media, may actually contribute to her ability to handle the space pirates, Metroids, and self-aware parasites she’s dealt with over the many games and consoles. Personally I’ve never had time to play the games (or had access to most of the systems, just the NES and Game Boy) but it’s an interesting look at the lady warrior. And no Justin Baliey to be seen.

I think that’s the most disturbing title card from someone else’s video I’ve ever had here. Look at black & white Samus’ face!

If I ever knew someone with PTSD (what they used to call “shell shock”) I’m not aware of it. I do know that whether from war or some other tragedy it’s a hard thing to live with. There is help out there, and if you suffer from PTSD, please seek it out. I don’t know if it’s curable, but it is controllable.

If you want to see more from Gnoggin, check out Lockstin’s YouTube channel.


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