“Okay, let’s get our story straight. We were cruising along minding our own business….”

Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge #5


WildStorm (April, 2004)

“At Last, Princess”

WRITER: Fiona Avery

ARTIST: Carlos D’Anda

COLORISTS: Wendy Brooke & Carrie Strachan


LETTERER: Phil Balsman


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair

The Thundercats and their Griffin allies attack the Berserkers. While the pirates are prepared Panthro has a trick or two of his own and between him and the Griffins they manage to disarm the pirate ship. Then the Thundercats land on the pirate ship and battle is joined. During it Altaria is hurt by Hammerhand, which sends Lion-O into a rage while Snarf frees Hachiman. Together the duo defeat Hammerhand and the day is won, except for Altaria who is now in a deep sleep. (Not dead, but in a deep sleep.) Lion-O vows to find a way to heal her.

What they got right: Snarf actually gets to do something! Sure, the Snarf hate is still popping up but Avery actually had Snarf be useful (probably reluctantly given how she’s written him this whole miniseries–I haven’t been exaggerating in my rage, people). The fight is mostly good without the Snarf-hate distracting us from the story.

What they got wrong: MOSTLY good. The final blows happens during a transition after a good build-up. That’s rather weak. Also we see Lion-O has used what appears to be the Feliner to get to the Griffin mountain home. That didn’t come into the show into well into the first season. And it took that long for both the Griffins to finally “meet” the Thundercats and have an encounter with Anubis? By now both should already be well enough aware of the Thundercats are or at least sought them out sooner. And Tygra doesn’t phase or teleport or whatever he’s doing here; he turns himself invisible and has fast reflexes. So covered in Berserkers he isn’t going anywhere.

Recommendation: Like or hate him, Avery’s constant Snarf-hate far too often derails good scenes, and even without that I just didn’t get the same vibes I do from the show. Even The Return gave me that, which made what happened to the characters even worse because of it. It’s not a bad story but it was the final straw for me back in the day. There is one more WildStorm miniseries with the Thundercats and I didn’t even bother with it. As for this, I’m not sure I’d recommend it to show fans (which as you’ve seen in the comments won’t stop my friend Sean because he really likes Hachiman and the Berserkers), but it isn’t an awful story when the action isn’t disrupted to torture a character the writer hates for no other reason than the hate. Had Snarf been left at Cat’s Lair it might have been a better story without the distraction, but I would probably take it out of my collection regardless. It just doesn’t do it for me and I don’t miss not getting Enemy’s Pride, the final miniseries from WildStorm. The entire run by WildStorm just isn’t worth getting.

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  1. Sean says:

    Hey, Tronix! I had a real busy week, so last time I was on your site was I think Tuesday. Now it’s playing catch up. A few thoughts…….First, I do like the cover due to the Berzerkers and their ship being prominently featured. Second, I like the fact that Snarf was depicted as a hero in this final issue. Kind of like how he was a hero in the He-Man/Thundercats comics of recent months. Saving Hachiman from those marauding, wild Vikings (ie: Berzerkers) was a noble, heroic achievement for “Snarf Snarf”. Now I know that you don’t think too highly of the Hammerhand’s Revenge comic book series, and I do understand some of the flaws that you pointed out. Even so, I am still interested in obtaining this comic series in back issues because I also see many positive points about them. Thus, I am officially declaring that I would like to purchase your collection of Hammerhand’s Revenge comic books if you are willing to sell them. I guess it all depends on what level of disappointment you have with this comic series’s flaws including the Snarf bashing although the writer seems to rectify herself with his heroic triumph in the last issue.


    • With the comics you’ve picked up for me lately you can have them. No charge.


      • Sean says:

        Sounds like a good trade to me! Wow…..I guess the writer’s treatment of Snarf really did get you upset if you’re so easily willing to part with the Hammerhand’s Revenge comics. I will gladly take those five issues off of your hands, Tronix.


  2. Sean says:

    Issue #5 was awesome, a great read. The cover was excellent, just like Issue #1’s cover. Those are my two favorite covers in this series. Art work and the story kept me spellbound in Issue #5. I also like how Snarf got to show his heroism instead of just being depicted as an annoying coward (which we all know he’s not). The Griffins were amazing. I like how the Griffins, Princess Altaria, Hachiman, and the Thundercats worked together to defeat the Berzerkers. What I can’t figure out is: did all the people on the Samurai Kingdom’s ship get killed by the Berzerkers or did the Samurai sailors survive? I’ll have to look back to see if I can make sense of my own questions (I’m just realizing now that I don’t know). I was saddened to see how Princess Altaria is now in a deep sleep due to Hammerhand attacking her at the end of the comic. She is such a noble, good character. I don’t like to see such a good person be in a bad situation. If Wildstorm had kept printing Thundercats comic books, perhaps a mini-series could have been created where Lion-O seeks and finds a magical element that could revive her from the deep sleep. Maybe DC could create such a series now that it likely has the rights to printing Thundercats comic books. That would be a story worth seeing.

    In conclusion, I am very happy with this Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge series. I’m glad that you were willing to make a trade with me on this. Now I am eager to obtain Wildstorm’s first Thundercats comic book series from 2002 and the Thundercats Heroes and Villains two issues. If you’re willing to sell those, then I’m willing to buy. If you don’t have them for sale, then I’ll have to keep looking in my two usual comic book spots for the back issues.

    One last question, Tronix: in issue #5, I noticed that Wildstorm had listed Robotech Invasion among its comics being published. In your opinion, were the Wildstorm Robotech comic books any good?


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