Hero versus hero fights I really have no interest in. But villains beating each other up I can get behind. Tonight’s entry features Megatron doing what he does best: attacking his own troops with better success than he has with the Autobots. Although it’s somewhat justified. In this continuity his men have been hording a source of immense energy for themselves, and Megatron is a shoot first ask questions never kind of Transformer.

“Boom!” round 11

The Battlefield: Transformers: Infiltration #5 (IDW; May, 2006)

The Promoters: Simon Furman (writer), E. J. Su (artist), John Rauch (colorist), and Tom B. Long (letterer)

In this continuity the Decepticons use a specific tactic for slowly taking over a planet and draining it of its resources to use in their war with the Autobots. Because Starscream and his crew found Ore-13, an extremely powerful form of Energon, they broke protocol to keep it for themselves. Megatron is not happy about this and having Skywarp and Blitzwing try to bury him (without knowing he was in there to be fair) isn’t making him any happier. Although I’m not sure Megatron is ever happy.

“Oh right, I can tele….too late!”

Blitzwing, however, is the kind of bot who likes to let his cannon do his apologizing. He kind of sucks at apologizing.

“Maybe this one will get him. No, maybe this one. How about this one?”

For some odd reason this doesn’t calm Megatron down. I can’t imagine why not?

Blitzwing wanna go for a ride?

See, this wouldn’t have happened if you had gone to work for Cy-Kill.

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  1. Sean says:

    I like that IDW artwork for the Transformers! I’m only used to seeing Marvel Comics’ artwork for them, so this was pretty awesome to see the vibrant colors and intense pencils of IDW.


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