“It’s Piccolo Ball Z now!”

Dragon Ball Z #7

Viz Comics (1998)

originally published by Shueisha, Inc for Bird Studio (1983)

“Son Gohan, The Iconsolable”

WRITER/ARTIST: Akira Toryama


TRANSLATION: Lillian Olsen


EDITOR: Trish Ledoux

Piccolo takes Gohan into the middle of nowhere, where is “training” is to merely survive for six months..against the dinosaurs and other monsters that dwell there. (DBZ Earth isn’t what you’d call normal, folks.) However, during his first night alone, Gohan sees the moon for the first time and transforms into a giant ape. Remembering Raditz’s words about the Saiyan connection to the moon and his weakness to his tail being grabbed, Piccolo blasts the moon (how does that affect the tides? Again, DBZ Earth isn’t normal) and removes Gohan’s tail. However, Kami realizes that both he and Piccolo have one year left and thinks his other half may be trying to leave a legacy in his enemy’s son.

What they got right: For fans just joining during Z, the reveal of Gohan’s great ape form comes as a good surprise so unlike some of the things carrying over from Dragon Ball this reveal works well. And the scene is well-drawn.

What they got wrong: However, since this was running concurrent with the early issues, you just spoiled the reveal over there. Also you’d have to have seen the later issues pre-Z to know why Kami and Piccolo would die at the same time, and why the Dragon Balls would go inert. All I’m saying is maybe release them in the proper order.

Recommendation: Still a good series to look at, but you’ll be less confused if you start at the beginning.


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