It’s bad enough that I can’t refer to manga as “comics from Japan” without risking a verbal assault, now the European comics have to have a snobby name to them: bandes dessinees, which roughly translates to…COMICS! Just as “manga” is “motionless pictures” or….COMICS! Stop being afraid of the word “comics” and maybe some people will give them more of a chance, In this case ICv2 contributor Steve Bennett talks about getting people to try comics from the European continent. Maybe if you just said “comics from France” or “comics from Belgium” people might be more curious. People do like comics, you know!

Although I did learn why the 90s cartoon Heroes On Hot Wheels made a big deal about Michael Valiant, their lead character. So that was interesting. And now I’d like to read this French comic.

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  1. Sean says:

    There was a Blackstar comic book in France. It might have been only one issue, but at least it was more than what was in America (zero Blackstar comics in the USA). I’m glad that I can read French because this does allow me the opportunity to read comic books from France and Canada’s Quebec Province. Also, what do you call an Italian comic book version of a Mazinger Z manga? Yes, I do recall seeing that Italian language Mazinger Z comic book in that History of Comic books book that I used to have. Those two British issues of Transformers that were published in the American Transformers comic book series in 1987 were some of the best ones in that series. In fact, I am interested in seeing more of the British Transformers comics along with the British Thundercats and British Masters of the Universe comic books.


  2. Sean says:

    Also, the Belgian French language comic book character Lucky Luc is mentioned in the kompa song “Ayiti (Bang Bang) by the kompa band Carimi. Check out the video on Youtube, and you will hear the singer mention Lucky Luc.


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