Apparently the live-action status symbol continues to demand all cartoons be turned into live-action movies regardless of whether or not it makes sense. Next on the cartoon-trashing campaign is Dora The Explorer, or rather the spin-off series Dora And Friends: Into The City, which features a teenage Dora moving to the city and making new friends. Early reports also include moving Dora’s cousin Diego from his spin-off show, Go Diego Go, and out of the jungle since the early plots state that Dora is moving with him to the city. No word about Boots or if any of their forest or city friends from the other shows will make an appearance.

Of course the big complaints are that Michael Bay’s name is coming up, but according to the linked-to article it was just announced that it’s his production company and that Bay himself isn’t tied to the project. Still, I’m betting they sneak their brand of technology into it–although I doubt Nickelodeon is going to let THAT show get a sexy makeover no matter how much or little participation Bay has. Maybe Swiper will explode at some point? I just hope the kids who actually play the characters in the shows get at least a cameo if they don’t match up to their cartoon counterparts.

Also, this is going to be the last Morning Article Link until December, since tomorrow is November and the beginning of this year’s Art Soundoff Challenge, which I’ll be taking part in. Hope you don’t mind my face and voice five days a week for the next month.

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