Quentin Tarantino at the 82nd Academy Awards, ...

Quentin Tarantino at the 82nd Academy Awards, March 7, in Hollywood, Calif. Tarantino was nominated for his directorial efforts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know asking is Hollywood is losing its collective mind is a silly question because that happened a long time ago, but this is a new flavor of bad. I’ve noted many times in the past that being good doesn’t make you perfect for a particular genre or franchise. (My go-to is usually a romance novel by Stephen King.) But now we have directors going into areas they don’t belong. I may not like Michael Bay’s Transformers movies but at least in theory he might fit. But we’ve had Martin Scorsese wanting to do a Joker origin (a character who by his own admission prefers to make his origin multiple choice) and now Quentin Tarantino is pitching a Star Trek movie to producer J.J. Abrams. Even if the movies hadn’t moved away from the tone and themes of Star Trek (at least Discovery is trying for the latter…with questionable results and still lacking the proper tone) Tarantino isn’t my first choice to direct Star Trek. He’s a good director, but this isn’t his area of expertise nor does it match his particular style.

I have to wonder why non-sci-fi directors now want to play with science fiction or with superheroes when there’s supposed to be superhero fatigue depending on who you ask? Again, being good in your wheelhouse doesn’t always mean being good outside of it.

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