Forget the Transformer battle; I want to know what’s with that woman’s jaw.

Transformers: Devastation #4

IDW Publishing (December, 2007)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST: Robby Musso

COLORISTS: Zac Atkinson & Liam Shalloo


LETTERER: Amauri Osorio

EDITOR: Andrew Steven Harris

Hunter interfaces with Sunstreaker to complete the Headmaster process so they can stop the Machination. Hot Rod and Wheeljack arrive at the car wrecker lot and search for Ironhide’s remains while the Headmasters continue to look for them. The Autobots engage with Sixshot and are on the losing end. Skywatch decides to just bomb everybody, but Verity and Jimmy warn the Autobots in time to escape while Megatron recall Sixshot after noticing the Reapers’ ship. Soundwave overrides Skywatch’s control over Ravage and Laserbeak.

What they got right: The fight sequence was pretty cool even if the Autobots were losing. And the human allies are actually useful.

What they got wrong: Multiple storylines as usual. It makes it difficult to focus on any event because we don’t spend much time with it. Furman is really impatient. I’m also not a fan of the Mosaic story picked for this issue, “Ghost In The Machine” by George Smrekar & Eric Allard. The art style is okay for what the Mosaic concept is, but the story itself (Punch has his spark put into a Decepticon chassis or something and now that dead Decepticon is taking over, forcing Punch to commit suicide to eliminate this “Counterpunch”) is a bit too dark for my tastes. Punch is supposed to be an Autobot double agent, disguising himself as Counterpunch to infiltrate the Decepticon forces. Surely there was a less creepy story there that would have been good.

Recommendation: There is some interesting reading her but Furman’s need to tell five stories at once ruins the overall product. It’s worth checking out for the fights or if you’re collecting the rest of the miniseries, but that’s all I can praise about it.


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