“This isn’t necessary guys. We have plenty of egg rolls for everyone!”

Avengers vol. 3 #7

Marvel Comics (August, 1998)

“Live Kree Or Die” finale: “The Court Martial Of Carol Danvers”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek

PENCILER: George Perez



LETTERING: The Usual Suspects

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

The Kree Supreme Intelligence tried to jumpstart his race’s evolution so having the Lunatic Legion try to turn Earthlings into the same current run on the ladder doesn’t sit well with him. He gets an “anonymous tip” out to the Avengers just as they hold a hearing to determine Warbird’s future as an Avenger. When things don’t seem to be in her favor and she isn’t allowed to join the return mission she quits. Later she tries to get to the moon on her own power but fails. Meanwhile the Avengers (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch–who summons Wonder Man’s energy spirit with a damaged Vision unable to attend, are joined by Quicksilver, Justice, and Firestar) head to the Lunatic Legion base as the Lunatics turn themselves into energy to power the mutation device. Together the group manages to stop the machine and save the Earth, SHIELD now able to study the blue area and the Supreme Intelligence, just as he’ll be studying them. Back on Earth, Carol sits at a bar, wondering if she should take that drink in her hand.

What they got right: Carol’s drama doesn’t hurt the story and is handled well. (Good thing, because Busiek will be bringing this up again in the Iron Man comics and I’m assuming Avengers but I wasn’t picking the comic up regularly.) The finale of “Live Kree Or Die” is handled well, as is the crossover as a whole.

What they got wrong: I’m not sure about Wanda being able to summon Wonder Man like this. I don’t really like where I think I know where this is going. And even though they acknowledge that Avengers story where Carol gives birth to her own space rapist and everyone is happy they romantically go off together not realizing she was actually mind-controlled, it doesn’t make up for the fact that somebody still wrote that garbage and Busiek has to acknowledge it here for continuity as Wanda worries about her leaving again, wondering if they let her down for a second time.

Other notes: I wasn’t sure last week but now I am…some of the Kree here, including the leader of the Lunatic Legion, were part of that second Marvel minicomic crossover released in Drakes snack cakes.

Recommendation: “Live Kree Or Die” is proof that crossovers between the heroes don’t always have to be superultramegaworldbreaking epics to be good and with raised stakes, especially in these days when every standard story are multi-issue status-changers. It’s worth a read.


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