Maybe the show is good, but the trailer isn’t impressing me.

The problem with using the clips in place of my roughs was trying to fill in the spaces caused by the difference in aspect ratios between the video and my panel layout. It’s not A Scanner Darkly but it was an interesting experiment since I try to translate the screenshots into my art style.

As for the trailers for Doom Patrol I’m seeing I’m really not impressed. These people were broken even before they got powers. Negative Man is cheating on his wife with another man and they have a child (note that it’s the adultery I’m talking about…if they wanted to make him gay for some reason then just make him gay), Robotman was a jerk and Elasti-Girl was diva, Cyborg I’m not sure about, and Crazy Jane has multiple personality disorder. And then they gain superpowers and they’re even more broken. I’m not well-versed in the Doom Patrol but I thought their gimmick was that their normal lives were ruined until they became freaks due to their powers and had to deal with new lives. Also, I didn’t think Elasti-Girl was a Clayface/Plastic Man hybrid when it came to her powers. I thought she stretched and altered size. A good trailer makes the show something you want to watch. I’ve seen plenty of trailers and I don’t want to watch. What is it with the live-action productions that they don’t match even what’s good about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, never mind what DC should be…under someone other than Dan DiDio?

Meanwhile, over at The Clutter Reports that software organizing project is more involved that I intended but I’m still making good progress.

I started scripting a new video review, and I’m hoping to finish it in time. That includes recording and editing. In the meantime I still have articles to come. There’s another commentary coming this week, something a bit fun, and I’ll try to get another in-depth review in as well. I’d also like to get back to the Worldbuilding Project and some of the other artistic articles I started a long time ago, like Reconstruction Zone and Re-Covered. I even have some good choices for both series, but I have to get the time to work on them. Scheduling is my biggest weakness right now and that’s what I have to work on. Hopefully I still give you guys something to enjoy this week.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I like the looks of that Activision Atari 2600 Action Pack for Windows 95. What Activision Atari games are located on that game pack?


  2. Sean says:

    Pitfall…that’s it! I loved that game. In fact, I think I would still enjoy playing it today if I had access to it. For some reason, I thought that Frogger was an Activision game. Guess not. Hey, I’ve discovered some sites to play the Oregon Trail video game for free (another fun game from the past). Maybe if I search hard enough, I could find something online where there’s free access to Pitfall?


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