In  the 90s DC Comics considered letting Marvel publish their books. Their sales were low compared to Marvel and they were struggling. DC would still own them but Marvel would be publishing them as a separate imprint, like Star or Paramount Comics. This has already been widely reported as people explore just what went wrong in the 90s with comics. However, did you know that at one point it would be the other way around?

Post World War II superheroes were on the decline and while National Comics Publications (later known as DC Comics) had found a way to keep superheroes going, especially after so many other genres like horror and crime took a hit from the Comics Code, Timely, later Atlas Comics in the 50s and the name we know it as today, Marvel, in the 60s, wasn’t favoring too well, and almost lost Captain America, Namor The Sub-Mariner, and the original android version of The Human Torch to their rivals had Martin Goodman taken their offer the same way Fawcett Comics later would with Captain “Shazam” Marvel. Owen of Owen Likes Comics goes into the history of how we almost got Cap on the Justice League at the cost of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Catch more Owen Likes Comics for comic and superhero movie history on his YouTube channel.

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