“Why does the moon look like it’s getting closer and who’s that kid with the ocarina?”

Under The Moon: A Catwoman Tale FCBD preview

DC Comics/ DC Ink (May, 2019)

“One Purrrfect Moment”

WRITER: Lauren Myracle

ARTIST: Isaac Goodhart

COLORIST: Jeremy Lawson

LETTERER: Deron Bennett

I wanted to make sure I started out with that so you know where this is going. In this tale a teenage Selina Kyle lives with her drunken stepfather and cowardly mother and her life is terrible.  One day things suddenly get better when she finds and adopts a stray cat. Suddenly she has someone to love who loves her back, and she even finds herself willing to go up to her old friend Bruce, who is still reeling from his parents’ death. When she gets home however her stepfather finds the cat and makes sure it has a terrible end. Selina vows it won’t happen again.

What they got right: The story is interesting. I can’t relate to Selina’s situation beyond humanity but I can understand her pain and morn with her, which isn’t bad for a short preview story. The art is really good, and while the colorist is just playing with blues (making this a “blue and white” comic instead of black and white), he does a good job with the shading.

What they got wrong: Why is this Catwoman? Seriously, nothing about this story screams Catwoman or Batman or whatever else. Selina and Bruce didn’t go to high school together (I’m not even convinced Bruce Wayne went to high school but I’d be darn surprised if it was public school given not only his money but his life goals to become Batman), and while the story could work as Selina’s backstory it isn’t. The lore is all wrong and as someone who enjoyed the Batman world until DC screwed it all up this is a big distraction. The only reason this doesn’t bother me so much, at least as far as the preview goes, is that it’s so far removed from Bat/Cat lore that I could easily ignore its origins were it not a trend lately to use popular franchises to push stories that have no connection to them. Had this been a completely original IP, which I’m convinced it wants to be since I know it doesn’t want to be a superhero story, I would have nothing at all to complain about. The writer would have been better off making original characters than using Catwoman and Batman.

There’s also a short preview for a Raven graphic novel that does the same thing, re-imagine a DC superhero character into a teen drama. It didn’t interest me enough to even mention in the original Twitter review. I admit part of the problem is my own spiritual bias since it has Raven and her friend involved with the occult.

Recommendation: Clearly this comic doesn’t want to be a superhero story but for some reason wants to use superhero universe characters. If you can ignore that then this looks like an interesting graphic novel to check out. I kind of want to read it myself but it still would have been better if it didn’t use Batman characters. This is a story better served as it’s own intellectual property than “a Catwoman tale”.

This is the last of the 2019 Free Comic Book Day pickups, so next week it’s back to “Yesterday’s” Comic and a return to my comiXology library, just to get me to finish reading them.

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  2. […] but it has nothing to do with the story since it’s about him coming out as gay. Or the Catwoman book that is just Gotham High done officially. It’s not like you can’t do stories about […]


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