“I said I’m sorry. How was I to know it was your childhood teddy bear?”

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 2 #10

Eternity Comics (November, 1991)

“Over Their Heads”

WRITERS: Tom Mason & Chris Ulm

ARTIST: John Waltrip


LETTERER: Gail Beckett

EDITOR: Dan Danko

As Janice prepares a report for Dr. Lang, the scouting party begins their investigation and Rem fails to find common ground with Gnea, Crystal confides in Jean about her vision. We the reader don’t know what it was but Jean has a plan to deal with it. Meanwhile Cabal, Veidt, and Sarna learn the planet has not been damaged and is running fine, which seems odd for both the Invid and the Karbarrans. All of that gets put on hold when two Invid carriers approach and both Skull Squadron and the Wolf Pack set up to repel them.

What they got right: We’re finally going to see some action. We haven’t had much of that for a while. We also get a bit of a mystery that’s going to need to be solved.

What they got wrong: The story takes time for Lisa to worry about Rick, Max to worry about Myria, and Wolfe to worry about his lost wife and child as well as his feelings for Minmei and it’s more of a distraction than anything else. It just seems like odd timing for a character examination.

Recommendation: I wish I had the full series (It appears I’ll be taking a huge leap to Academy Comics and book 3 #10) because this is my favorite series of the various Robotech comics. I very much recommend checking it out.

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  1. Sean says:

    Hopefully at some point, you’ll be able to obtain the other back issues in this series in order for you to find out what happened.


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