Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender know that the acting of bending, essentially controlling one of four elements–air, water, fire, and earth (except for the Avatar him or herself, who can learn all four), is based on actual martial arts. Each element is connected to a different real world martial arts technique. It’s one of the things that aids in the worldbuilding of the series and gives the show a unique style. Of course controlling an element using only your chi is spiritual stuff, right?

Well, MatPat over at The Game Theorists thinks science can actually prove that bending is rooted in science as much as it is martial art mysticism. Since I need a slow return to full BW operation and we could all use something a bit fun right now, let’s give him a chance to prove it. In the first video an episode of Film Theory discusses how waterbending is scientifically possible, while in an episode of Fact Or Nicktion he looks into how Appa the giant bison is able to fly via airbending.

Catch more episodes of Film Theory on the Film Theorist YouTube channel.

Let’s see if I can pull this off. Can I post that Fact or Nicktion episode MatPat discussed about how Appa could actually fly despite not being aerodynamic, lacking wings, or any noticeable form of propulsion? Posting Facebook to WordPress’s hosting is supposed to be possible.

Hooray, I can! However, the other episodes aren’t available at the link he gives in the YouTube channel description. School may be closed but you still learned something today. Also, MatPat is wrong. Airbending is the best power. 😀 Actually each element has their strengths and weaknesses depending on the power of the bender wielding that element. It’s just Airbending and Waterbending happen to be my two favorites. I’d probably rather learn waterbending though airbending would be more practical if you use it right.


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