“I made have made this component a bit too large.”

Iron Man volume 3 #75

Marvel Comics (February, 2004)

“The Best Defense” part 3: “Technology”

WRITER: John Jackson Miller

ARTIST: Jorge Lucas

COLORIST: Antonio Fabela

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Sumerak, Schmidt, and Wiley (wait, now there’s THREE of them?)

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Tony tries to prove that his goal of a deathless war is achievable if he’s in charge of his misused technology, while Burch continues to free as many patients as he can and get the contractors on his side. One reporter also seems to have it in for Stark and shows footage where his “iron lung” chestpiece was revealed during a prior hearing (I don’t know which comic it came from) and bringing up all the times he lied about being Iron Man. Tony takes it in stride. He’s starting to think he can do good other than being Iron Man.

What they got right: Whatever my personal issues are with the direction the series went the story itself is good. It takes into account Tony’s prior dealings with the government and attempts to show why Tony would take the Secretary Of Defense job. They’re also nicely hinting and what will be the source of Burch’s downfall.

What they got wrong: I thought a previous writer decided the armor wasn’t an addiction but here it is totally being as bad for him as his alcoholism. Still no supervillains but Tony does take on the hero this comic is titled after…to avoid traffic on the way to the hearing. The comic also has Tony saying that one of the reasons he revealed his identity is because he was “growing up”. It’s like the writer is trying to convince us that Tony shouldn’t be a superhero and that’s not the comic I want to read.

Recommendation: Honestly it depends on your thoughts of what I wrote above. If it sounds good to you it’s a well told story, but if you want a superhero comic this isn’t it.

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