“I asked for a letter opener.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #31

Malibu Comics Entertainment (December, 1995)

EDITOR: Phil Crain





LETTERER: Tracey H. Munsey

“Rules Of Behavior”

WRITER: Jason Levine

ARTIST: Scott Sava

LETTERER: Patrick Oswley

Both stories make a point of mentioning they take place prior to the episode “The Way Of The Warrior“. I’m not sure why since this is the only story of the pair to even bother with the DS9 crew and just in one panel. Maybe it has something to due with the events of that story but the second one has no connection to Klingons at all. I’m getting ahead of myself though.

Our main story has Dax traveling to the Klingon homeworld to take part in a ceremony honoring the deaths of Kang and Koloth in the episode “Blood Oath“, which is important to the story. It seems the Albino had a granddaughter who was very close to him, and not sharing in the Klingon perspective of honor attempts to poison Dax and Kor, but Jadzia doesn’t share Curzon’s tastes and escapes the poisoning. Before she can try something else she grabbed by Toral’s goons. He wants to use her vengeance to enact his own on Gowron and Kahless while keeping his involvement secret. However, Daz and Kor manages to stop their plan and complete the ceremony honoring their comrades.

What they got right: There aren’t many stories taking place on Qo’noS or featuring the Klingons unless it’s a subtle rebuke of their ways versus the Federation. (Remember when Star Trek was subtle more often than not?) Dax is fully accepted and I like her interactions with Kor. With some words left in Klingon a translation sheet is offered at the end of the story without interrupting the comic with a lot of captions.

What they got wrong: This however makes it weird that so often the Klingons speak English (they don’t even use those little indicators that they’re being translated for the reader) but randomly jump into a Klingon word. It’s like reading those Japanese fansubs that leave the occasional word untranslated for whatever reason fansubbers pull that nonsense.

Our backup story has Dax again off the station, this time on a Starbase to deliver a speech. She’s rescued from an assassination attempt (I see this comic’s theme) by Gwyn, a Trill introduced in a previous issue I don’t have, and his Klingon partner (I don’t think romantically). A new race seeking Federation membership is not comfortable with the Trills joining with symbionts due to their religion but one sect has decided to “save” them by killing them, and Dax is their next target. Apparently Jadzia and Gwyn have some attraction to each other which comes up but they both have different views of Starfleet. Thanks to a comment by Tev about her partner’s stupidity in courting Dax they come up with a plan to expose the sect members on the base and stop their plan.

As painted art goes this one isn’t too bad but my issues with it when it comes to sequential comic art remains. The story itself works well but it’s a good thing I did some research since I thought I had forgotten an episode with these characters. Instead they come from an issue I don’t own. I’m not sure why they needed to make an extra long issue just to stick this in but it’s not a bad sidestory.

Recommendation: A good story overall that’s worth getting for the main feature while the backup isn’t a bad read while you have this one.

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