Am I the only one not impressed by this? I have seen so many logos for a Batman comic, cartoon, video game, or movie that this feels uninspired artistically. It’s just block letters and new bat symbol all of Bruce’s stuff is based around and I just find it boring.

This is one bit of news that came out of DC Fandome, the online–let’s call these “virtual conventions” what they really are. They’re podcasts. I didn’t catch the event itself but despite that trailer that showed a host in front of greenscreened Jim Lee backgrounds these are podcasts, and that’s why they aren’t as exciting as an actual convention, where fans can meet each other in person (remember those days?) and associate someplace other than text on screen. However, out of this event we do get a trailer made of what little footage they could shoot before the death plague quarantine, which gives us a better look at this movie’s tone and style. I’m even less impressed with that.

This immediately lost me the moment we saw Batman pound a dude to a pulp. Batman will fight, he will take a criminal down, he will punch him as often as he needs to. He is not THIS brutal. Ergo: This is not Batman. This is not what I want to see Batman do and thus far the live-action Bat-films have failed to understand this is not Batman. And it could get worse. Supposedly Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves are both hoping for a R rating so they can get as violent as they want.

Speaking with Empire Magazine, Pattinson said, “The only thing that’s more complicated is the rating. As soon as you make something an R-Rated movie, you’re freed up to do so much stuff.”

“In terms of the character itself, I want to push it as far as it possibly can go. And I think Matt Reeves does as well. You can do crazy stuff with that part,” he added.

Scooper Daniel Richtman caught wind of this. He didn’t confirm or debunk the comments but did tweet “we’ll see” and how interesting it’d be if The Batman is slapped with the same rating as Joker.

Richtman also may know something we don’t. In an interesting aside, he mentioned The Suicide Squad will have an R rating too – something that hasn’t been officially verified. “We’ll see,” indeed.

The article also posts a tweet from him noting that Birds Of Prey as well as Joker were R. The former received negative reviews from fans while the later is the Joker in name only so I don’t see this as anything positive. It seems ever since Logan and Deadpool superhero movies think having a R rating while being “edgy” makes them more mature. It does not. It does limit the fans who can go see this…KIDS LOVE SUPERHEROES MORE THAN ADULTS DO, ESPECIALLY THIS CURRENT CROP OF FUNLESS JOYLESS HACKS THAT DO THINGS LIKE MAKE A GRITTY LIVE-ACTION POWERPUFF GIRLS! Also, again, Batman is not some violence-craving loon. I thought the Frank Miller influence would come from Batman: Year One, not All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder! And why does Bruce Wayne have long hair? Remember folks upset that the actor who played Edward Cullen was playing Batman? Well Eddie looks more like Bruce than Pattinson does playing Bruce. How do you screw up a hairstyle! I swear in the end there he looks more like Heath Ledger’s Joker without the makeup!

And apparently this “year two” style Bat-story has the Riddler as a dude who wraps people in duct tape and is about exposing lies while breaking out the riddles, which to my knowledge was never Edward Nigma’s style. Of course Batman has to have a cool costume…and instead we get more bulky armor from the stealthy detective, but Riddler gets whatever that is while Catwoman has a mask that cosplayers would laugh at as the most pathetic thing they’ve ever seen and I don’t see anyone cosplaying either look. No really, that’s the Catwoman costume they went with. Halley Berry was given a better Catwoman costume…okay, let’s be fair. She has a better mask. The rest of her BDSM outfit is still the worst, but it seems like these costume designers are betting each other come up with something worse.

I’m…warming up to the Batmobile but this insistence that Batmobiles have a rocket jet in them is getting old. I want MatPat or Kyle Hill to see if that’s even practical. Even better, bring the Mythbusters back to tackle it.

Some of us got excited when Reeves said he was going to get into the often ignored (again, by live-action movies) aspect of Batman as a detective, but it seems that’s the only thing this movie is getting right. The armor is lame (especially the way the logo is put into it), the villains designs look off, they apparently race-swapped Jim Gordon, and Batman is pulping random goons into a fine paste. This is not the Batman we’re looking for. Time to go back to that other production called The Batman to see how to do “early years Batman” right.

That show took a few liberties too but it still felt more like Batman than this movie.

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