Yeah, they had me at the title too.

Dragons Vs. Dinosaurs

Arcana Studio (2011; as posted to comiXology)

WRITER/ARTIST: Chris Eric Peterson


Well, I wish I followed this story better. A dragon is killed by pterodactyls I think while two people watch. I guess someone was riding that dragon and her brother swears revenge. Their sister wants revenge as well but she has no dragon to ride and if they both die their people will be without a leader. So she grabs some woman, starts some magic ritual, preview ends.

I don’t know if the print version had more in the way of explaining this world, but outside of the cover and a splash page we don’t get to see a dragon fight a dinosaur. We get character names and two of them are part of the ruling family or something and that’s all we get. Who are the factions besides the name? Why should we care about the humans and human-ish people? What is with the titular combat? Nothing is explained, which is not good for a preview showing how the concept will play out.

So I wish I could give a proper assessment of what this series might be about but sadly I can’t. It’s not a very good preview, so maybe someone who has actually read the series can tell us if it’s any good. Sadly outside of the art this preview does not do this.

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