For me Peter Parker’s true love will always be Mary Jane Watson, and she wasn’t the love interest I “grew up with”. The only romances I knew he had as a kid was a crush on Firestar and a fling with some lady from the future. I heard in the comics he might be involved with someone named Black Cat but I wasn’t truly exposed to the future former Mrs. Parker due to devil antics until the 90s cartoon. I’m a DC guy, remember? By that point I did know more about MJ than I did Gwen, who at the time was just a character mentioned in a story where Spidey was fighting the raggy ghost dude in the cover above. So as far as Gwen Stacy goes I don’t really care but it’s not like I don’t know why that death mattered to Peter and to the readers at the time.

I’m not sure I’m in the majority about that as movie and comic alike can’t stop referring to her. Sam Rami used her in Spider-Man 3. The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon rewrote her into Peter’s fellow geeky friend because heaven forbid the geeky kid marry someone who isn’t his own kind. 😛 Now we have an alternate universe teen Gwen who is the one who got spider-powers and keeps getting called Spider Gwen because someone doesn’t know how hero names work and ignoring her actual superhero name Ghost Spider, which is clever when you really think about it. Hint: GS. Since insomnia threw off my week and I also needed a nap today I have to keep my planned article for next week (this is becoming a bad habit, body) and need something quick. So from Owen Likes Comics here’s a look into the events leading up to Gwen’s death, the decisions at Marvel that led to it, and some question about whether or not Stan was really that against it despite Gwen being based on his beloved wife.

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