I’ve made no secret that I hate Snyder’s version of the Superman costume, and I’m not a fan of his take on Superman either. (Before the Snyder fans get on my case I have stated time and again from the first review I did of the movie that it’s a good superhero movie but a terrible Superman movie. You will not convince me otherwise. Don’t even waste your keyboard’s lifespan.) Superman wears bright colors, which is apparently Synder’s Kryptonite along with sunlight when he can’t make it look dramatic. There are reasons why but the video already goes into that.

Said video is from Scott Niswander over at YouTube channel NerdSync. However, the video doesn’t go into the almost black costume from before but the definitely black costume used in the famed “Snyder Cut” of Justice League. I don’t have HBO Max so I haven’t seen it, though I did review the original theatrical cut (as it aired on TV) that attempted (and failed) to soften Snyder’s more cynical tone when it comes to superheroes. Watchmen was perfect for how he sees superheroes, the DC Universe is the antithesis. I don’t know if Snyder was having a Todd Phillips “my view is better than 80+ years of comics minus what Dan DiDio did to DC” perspective but people who love what DC was and don’t want a darker Superman rejected it. The iconic hero of hope is absent from Snyder’s vision as the aspiration hero has been replaced with the allegedly relatable hero and that’s just not how you approach Superman.

In Niswander’s video he goes over the history of the black Superman costume, how the Snyder cut misuses it, apparently wants to ignore the last portion of the movie (and I haven’t seen this Peter Jackson-length “epic” to understand it), and how they could have used the black suit (which no, is not iconic, as I’ve gone over) better and how the classic suit (though it would still be in Snyder’s colors, so it’s practically black anyway) would have better served what the story is supposed to be going for.

Catch more NerdSync on his YouTube channel.

I’m not that finicky about my tea. I boil the water, I let it brew, add a little lemon juice, and remember to drink it while it’s still hot. It’s a good way to relax and clear the sinuses.

I wrote the following in the comments of this video.

Does it even have to be trunks over the suit? Imagine if the suits are damaged and he has to mix and match. So one red costume only has the boots and crotch area undamaged, a blue one (and for the love of Rao MAKE IT A BRIGHTER COLOR THAN THAN THE BLUE SO MUTED IT MIGHT AS #$%@ WELL BE BLACK INSTEAD OF THE BRIGHT AND HOPEFUL COLORS BECAUSE IT THE PART OF THE SNYDER SUITS THAT ANNOYS ME THE MOST ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!!) with the the rest, and the cape comes from whichever.

You still get the iconic red area (for years I didn’t even know that was supposed to be a separate piece) that breaks up the blue and claims the iconic look without the anti-funners complaining about underwear outside the outfit because apparently they don’t follow boxing or wrestling and never heard of circus strongmen. Or maybe they want to see Clark’s Superbits. I don’t know.

Not to mention believing “Man Of Steel, Woman Of Kleenex” is canon.

Heck, for years of my life right through my early adult years I thought it was one piece. I don’t remember seeing the trunks apart from the blue leggings. It’s an easy solution that answers the ignored question “how long were these baby blankets Martha used to make his costume anyway?” and would break up all that blue. Honestly it looks MORE like his pajamas without something there.

As in my Superman footie pajamas when I was a kid looked less like pajamas than this does. My Superman robe from years later looked better.

Even barring that…yes I’m breaking out my quickie recolor of the Batman V Superman image again.

The bright colors look more hopeful than Snyder’s recolor. Really, scroll back up to the top of the page and come back here. Which looks more hopeful? Like Scott says, Snyder is using black for the good Superman and the “bright colored” (relatively speaking) costume is when he is bad. I think Snyder just likes black more but that’s not who Superman is. He brings hope and optimism to everyone. I’ve got plenty of posts that highlight this. Remember, I liked Man Of Steel as a superhero movie but as a Superman movie was not happy, and every attempt to defend Synder’s take on Superman just makes make me dislike the movie more because you will never convince me this is proper Superman.

I’m pretty open-minded but I’m less forgiving of source material inaccuracies than Scott is; I’m just not dictatorial about it unless they’re adapting an actual story–and even then I know some changes are necessary for a change of media format. It’s kind of what makes adaptations interesting and why some who adhere too much to the source material fail to do what that medium does best, something I talk about in the Art Of Storytelling series. (I need to get back to that.) I’m not saying bad things about Snyder as a director. I’m not a fan of most of his work but that’s personal taste. He’s quite good at the kinds of stories he wants to tell. Those stories are just not suited to Superman or a proper representation of the DC Universe and why those of us who have been fans since our ages were in single digits fell in love it it. Synder does some great stuff…he just doesn’t do a good Superman.

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