Video games are a tough subject because exploring their stories tends to take a longer time than a movie or even many TV and comic series. A modern story game can last for many, many hours without invoking side quests and collectable collecting completion. (Say that three times fast.) However, this one is less of a story analysis as it is a bit of a warning not to play the game that Shane Luis of Rerez recently picked up. He let himself get scammed so you won’t have to.

As part of the Worst Ever Series Shane has taken on numerous games and systems that are total scams. The hardware is poor and usually a cheap knockoff but because rapper Soulja Boy is selling it people may get suckered. Then you have the games that boast tons of games on one cart…only for them to be terrible hacks, malfunctioning ROMS, and original games so terrible your plans to get your kids to stop saying “are we there yet” will backfire miserably. The reason I’m posting this one is that this little Game Boy Advance cart is being sold through Amazon of all places, who clearly didn’t check if this thing was even legal, never mind good. Watch this video and avoid this “collection”.

Catch more of Shane on the Rerez YouTube channel.

I find it amazing that Nintendo has gone after let’s players and rom sites for games they don’t even sell, much less put in their retro-anthology stuff when crap like this gets through. Maybe work on that, Nintendo. Target your actual enemy.

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