Get ready for a long list of credits.

“Elmo wants to make Snugglepet comics with Beth.”

Sesame Street Free Comic Book Day Flipbook

Ape Entertainment/Kidzoic (2013)

“The Anatomy Of A Hero”

WRITER: Joason M. Burns

ARTIST: Amy Mebberson

COLORIST: Dustin Evans

LETTERER: Deron Bennett

Which one is going to get tied up?

Strawberry Shortcake Free Comic Book Day Flipbook

Ape Entertainment/Kidzoic (2013)

COVER/POSTER ART: Peter Wonsowski

LETTERER: Deron Bennett

EDITOR: Weldon Adams

“Blueberry Flu”

WRITERS: Russell Lissau & Meredith Lissau


“The Hunt For Blackberry’s Treasure”

WRITER: Russell Lissau

ARTIST: Edgar Manjarrez

COLORISTS: Antonio & Fernando Peniche

“Blueberry’s Book Tour”

WRITER: Tim Beedle

ARTIST: Tanya Roberts

COLORISTS: Antonio & Fernando Peniche

There’s only story in the Sesame Street comic and three in the Strawberry Shortcake side. On Sesame Street, Elmo wants to be a superhero like Super Grover and has to learn that you don’t need powers to be a hero. This is a fun little story, and now I technically own a Super Grover comic. Also, I always enjoy Amy Mebberson’s art so seeing it here and in the first Strawberry Shortcake story made me happy. The story was also released the same year for Halloween ComicFest.

As for those three stories: Strawberry gets blueberry flu and her friends have to run her café for her for a day. In the second, the girls find a treasure map, but whether or not what they uncover is treasure is up to the person’s tastes. Or the dog’s. In the third, Blueberry tries to find Plum Pudding to get her book back. All three are also fun stories, based on the remade of Strawberry Shortcake. No Simon The Pieman for us older folks but still okay.

Overall this was a nice comic for Free Comic Book Day, but I don’t know if any of these stories showed up in the main series. If not and you’re either a fan of these properties or want something nice for your youngest comic fans this might not be a bad choice if you come across it.

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