“Look, I told you…not every Sonic in the multiverse is obsessed with chili dogs. Darn pushy vendor!”

Sonic X #7

Archie Comics (June, 2006)

“Take This Job And Shovel It”


PENCILER: David Hutchison

INKER: Rick Kowslowski

COLORIST: Ben Hunzeker

COVER ART: Pat “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Any time a story begins with sewer workers you know they’re going to stumble on something weird. Topaz and Rouge are sent to investigate and find technology too old to be Eggman’s though it resembles his tech. What they don’t know is that a robot is activated and is secretly following them hoping they can figure out who he is. Meanwhile, Captain Westwood is upset that Topaz gets all the good assignments since she started teaming with Rouge and tricks Sonic into joining him on another investigation, where they find a robotic vehicle, which attacks them. Sonic manages to defeat it but when Sonic learns he’s been tricked he leaves Westwood in the dust…almost literally. Since he’s gone Topaz and Rouge are called back when the President learns that Eggman has been spotted in Paris, just as Chris’s parents invites the gang there for a big birthday party at the World’s Fair.

What they got right: There’s an interesting mystery here with the ancient tech and the robot. If the vehicle Sonic and Westwood investigate is tied to it this has the makings of a good story.

What they got wrong: Unless the Paris thing is also tied to this you’re interrupting that story for an unrelated Eggman scheme. How does Station Square have its own desert, which given the geography we’ve seen in the show I rather doubt. Doesn’t the Guardian Unit Of The NATIONS ever go to other nations? Also, first Sam and now Westwood. This comic loves having the show’s minor characters jealous of the other-dimensional talking animals and it doesn’t make them look very good.

What I think overall: I see some good ideas but the presentation really isn’t that exciting and I’m worried the execution isn’t going to have a good sendoff. This series continues to underwhelm me.


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