Interesting scenario while not having read the comic yet. The gang’s usual routine is going to end Penelope’s series.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #41

DC Comics (October, 2018, as featured in volume seven of the digital trade)

“Perils Before Swine”

WRITER: Sholly Fisch

ARTIST: Scott Jeralds

COLORIST: Silvana Brys

LETTERER: Saida Temofonte

EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

The latest scheme by the Hooded Claw (secretly Sylvester Sneekly) to bump off his niece Penelope Pitstop and gain her fortune is to pit Mystery Inc against her protectors, the Ant Hill Mob. Pretending to be a monster, he makes the gang suspicious of the mob. (I hope you followed that sentence.) Using their accusations as an excuse to lock the reformed mobsters turned heroes, Hooded Claw tries the old railroad track bit again only to be tricked by the gang while Penelope rescues the Mob for a change. The monster is revealed to be the Hooded Claw and the Hooded Claw’s identity is revealed, allowing Penelope and her friends to finally be free of all those unoriginal perils.

What they got right: While this is essentially the end of The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop it kind of makes sense not only for Scooby and friends in general but this series specifically as the gang has tangled with actual supervillains. Besides, the comic mentions that the Hooded Claw has been running out of ideas for traps anyway (Sneekly is even relieved so he can stop trying…because apparently not trying to steal his niece’s fortune wasn’t an option without being arrested). There are nods to Wacky Races, the show that The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop spun off of, including an explanation of the changes in the Ant Hill Mob line-up and why Penelope stopped racing.

What they got wrong: I mean, seeing a series ended I guess, but that’s a preference issue.

What I think overall: This was a rather good team-up, and for some reason it makes me think of how the cliffhanger of Little Orphan Annie had to be finished in the panels of Dick Tracy. This was a fun story.

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