“No, not another bridge!”

Spider-Man: The Manga #14

Marvel Comics (July, 1998)

WRITER/ARTIST: Ryoichi Ikegami

TRANSLATION: Mutsumi Masuda


EDITOR: Glenn Greenberg

Spider-Man is on the run after his defeat at the hands of Mysterio, accidentally running into a small boy. His eyes are damaged and will need surgery, Spider-Man insisting he’ll find the money but getting mad at the doctor who suggests turning himself in. This only causes Yu to not only get more upset about the imposter’s frame job but he even has a falling out with Rumi, who is also on the anti-Spidey bandwagon, but he can’t tell her why.

What they got right: Ikegami does a good job showcasing just how all of this is affecting Yu. He knows he’s being framed but he can’t prove it and things just keep getting worse for him. Nobody believes him and he has nowhere to turn and no chance to begin hunting the fake Spider-Man.

What they got wrong: The injured child is just laying it on a bit too thick though. Even the spider-writers and editors who think Peter should suffer wouldn’t go this far. Also, not much happens in this issue due to the difference between manga and US comic formats clashing.

What I think overall: The story is still good but I hope it ends soon because it’s getting a bit too heavy now. I’d also like to see this redone in the proper format and the untranslated issues completed.


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