Well, this should go badly for someone. Probably Chekov and Sulu.

Star Trek Unlimited #9

Marvel/Paramount Comics (May, 1998)


WRITERS: Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton

PENCILER: Greg Scott

INKER: Joe Rubienstein

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley

LETTERER: Phil Felix

EDITOR: Tm Tuohy

While picking up a new model shuttlecraft, Chekov and Sulu are forced into a card game by Klingons, which Chekov wins big at. However, that includes a marker from one of the Klingon generals, and now others are chasing our duo down to retrieve that marker. The guys get out of scrape after scrape but have to be rescued by the Klingon who Chekov won the marker from…basically the deed to his house (as in noble house), family, and himself. The shuttle is lost but in exchange for the marker they get his ship. So they make it back to the Enterprise to face an opponent they’re sure to lose to…Captain Kirk!

What they got right: This was just fun. The show never fully utilised what Sulu and Chekov could pull off in a buddy story, but thankfully comics and novels have at times picked up the slack. (See also my Chapter By Chapter review of the Prime Directive novel and their adventure with Krulmadden the sex trafficking Orion slaver.) There should have been more stories like this, rather than the two of them commenting from Ops in a few episodes.

What they got wrong: They didn’t even try to use Chekov’s accent most of the time. Also, the reference to Demora Sulu seems a bit forced in there. (Remember, Sulu was straight in the original show.) We still know nothing about her mom or if Sulu is hiding a secret marriage and his reason for not mentioning her doesn’t quite match up with other stories in this time period or in later ones.

What I think overall: Like I said, this was a fun story and there should be more misadventures with Sulu and Chekov.


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