Yep, it’s more Ultraman. While I was out a new Ultraman series started being released on the official YouTube channel so time to jump in. Actually, a few weeks late in jumping in but I was out.

Ultraman Decker is the latest Ultraman series as of this writing, with the latest in the “Ultra Galaxy Fight” series sadly behind the paywall at the official website. Continuing from Ultraman Trigger and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ultraman Dyna as Trigger did with Ultraman Tiga, Decker uses cards in the same way Trigger used “Hyper Keys” to change forms. The show takes place years after the previous show. There haven’t been a lot of monster sightings for a while and GUTS-Select, the alternate universe copy of GUTS, doesn’t have a lot to do. That is until a new threat arrives and a new Ultraman is required to save the world. Check out the debut of Ultraman Decker.

Oh, and if you don’t speak Japanese make sure to turn on the captions for English subtitles.

The official Tsuburaya YouTube channel is uploading a bit weird, though hopefully this is fixed when you see this. Episode one is followed by episode four, then two, then five, then three, then four AGAIN, and then some special episode. So look for the numbers to get this in the right order just in case they haven’t unscrewed this up. It’s still better than how Toei is handling their official channel but someone needs to look into this.


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  1. […] ties in to both Ultraman Tiga, a direct continuation of set in that universe, and the current Ultraman Decker, as they share an enemy. Plus the creator of the GUTS-Select in that universe, shared with Ultraman […]


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