They’re using the Geoff Johns reimagining as the core of their Shazam movies and even got that right.

Dwayne Johnson really wants his Black Adam to fight Superman, but he’s a Captain Marvel/Shazam foe. Black Adam even starred in the Marvel Family comics created by Fawcett Publications…and died in his premier issue. DC brought him back as an opposite number for Captain, Mary, and Captain Marvel Jr and now for some reason they want to make him an antihero. Gets your facts straight.

Over at the Clutter Reports this week I began organizing my back-up drive. The sooner that’s all set up the sooner I can start backing up important information on this computer, but I got to see a few things I haven’t seen in years. It was a bonus nostalgia trip, though I didn’t bring that up in the article.

I’m waiting for the full release of information on “BatmanGate” before talking about it but it should be noted the guy charging Matt Reeves with stealing his work isn’t some random person. He worked at DC Comics when he alleges he offered his pitch and while he could be lying it’s not like stealing other’s ideas and reworking them has never happened in this industry before. If we get to see the full pitch…I still have no interest in the Matt Reeves film because he got nothing right adaptation-wise but I’m curious to see this evidence. Right now that’s my only statement on that big news.

Meanwhile in this week’s BW outings we have the next chapter of TekWar for Chapter By Chapter, I’m still trying to finish up a new Captain PSA, and we’ll see what comes up this week for discussion. Have a good week, everyone!


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