Continuing to go through the YouTube backlog and this one came up (at least in my being behind) during the Christmas season, so Saturday Night Christmas Showcase was already going when I came upon this series, which started airing on Tsuburaya’s official YouTube channel months ago. As of this writing they’re up to episode #23 so I’m behind on this one.

Someone must have been a fan of Ultraman Tiga because despite setting this series elsewhere in the Ultra Multiverse (I don’t know if anyone has actually mapped out the numerous universes or who is even in the main one if there is one) tonight’s entry was heavily inspired by that show right down to the name: Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. They even have someone from that universe showing up in this one and the last episode I got to watch features Trigger and Tiga in a crossover fight. The show carries a few traditions from the original: ancient civilizations, Ultramen in stone (only this time they’re actually evil giants), and descendants carrying on the ancient civilization’s battle against monsters.

Finding himself in another dimension, GUTS member Mitsukuni Shizuma finds love and success. Creating GUTS-Select in this dimension he forms a line of defense in case the Giants Of Darkness ever awaken. When they do (because we wouldn’t have a show otherwise despite all of the other threats) he comes across Kengo Manaka, a man living on the Mars colony whose only goal in life is to make everyone smile. Originally he tried to do this with flowers but fate will force him to do so as Ultraman Trigger! Enjoy the first episode, and be sure to turn on the captions for subtitles in your language. Tsuburaya is getting really good at subtitling their videos for numerous countries. Toei could learn a few lessons in how to run a YouTube channel with international appeal.

The show has already featured guest appearances by Ultramen Ribut, Z (or Zed according to the pronunciation of the letter), and Tiga as well as Absolute Tartarus from Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, which I posted last week. I have a couple more Ultramen in the coffer so if nothing else comes up this may be an unintentional marathon. We’ll see what happens next week. Until then…smile, smile!



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  2. […] Decker, as they share an enemy. Plus the creator of the GUTS-Select in that universe, shared with Ultraman Trigger, was transported from the Tiga and Dyna dimension…unlike Marvel’s multiverse I […]


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