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You can find my reviews of the Dreamwave comics run here at the Spotlight. My thoughts on the company as a whole, as I posted them in his comments:

Dreamwave’s failure always makes me sad because what the writers were doing had me so excited, especially what James and Adam were doing on the main series. IDW never inspired that as much in me. It was fun, action packed, and they seemed to really be building up to something, one of the few times the quasi-spiritual aspects actually worked for me.

Additionally, I’ve never been a fan of Simon’s work in Transformers most of the time, but somehow what he did in Armada and Energon I really liked. (I even liked what Saracinni did in the first Armada story and I was NOT a fan of the first G1 miniseries. Something magical about that series.) As for Wildman, complain about the house style affecting his if anyone out there wants to but in the Marvel run they looked like people in costumes while in the Dreamwave stories they actually looked like robots. I also liked what they were doing with MegaMan, continuity errors aside, and while their take on TMNT was hardly in line with the Fox cartoon it was supposed to be a tie-in to, the Archie comics did the same thing with the original cartoon and still made their own decent continuity.

So if Pat Lee hadn’t screwed everyone over this would have been a great Transformers franchise addition rather than a disaster. It’s still my favorite take thus far, which makes me sad it never achieved the greatness it was headed for.


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