"Hey, Diana, look what followed me home."

The Phantom Unmasked #2


Moonstone (2010)

WRITER: Martin Powell
ARTIST: Hannibal King
COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse
EDITOR: Joe Gentile
COVER “A” (shown) and “C”: Franchesco
COVER “B”: Howard Simpson

Brice finds her way to the Phantom’s place but reveals she continued her mission for her own reasons, not for Melchizedek’s. However, he is able to track her cellphone and invades the Deep Woods. In the ensuing battle, Melchizedek dies, but not before shooting Brice, who does get to meet her hero face-to-face before dying.

What they got right: The art, the characters–even in the short bit of time we get to know her in this two-part miniseries, you do get attacked enough to Brice that you feel sorry for her when she meets her fate, but get to cheer her on when she decides to help the Phantom.

What they got wrong: The fight with the “top fighter” could have ended better, and why did he have a swastika tattoo? Not explained.

Recommendation: If Moonstone collects these two comics (I don’t know what arrangements are with King Features and Dynamite), go for it. Otherwise, collect both issues. It’s a good story.

Nazi cyborg doesn't trump polar bear!

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