She's laughing at Mark & Jason because they only had one-shots and she has six issues.

Battle of the Planets: Princess #1

Image Comics/Top Cow (November, 2004)

WRITER: David Wohl
ARTIST: Wilson Tortosa
COVER ART: Alex Ross
DESIGN/LETTERER: Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler

Princess is sent to the Himalayan village of Changu, where she trained for a time, when a strange idol appears near there that Chief Anderson suspects is connected to Spectra. Worried about her and violating orders, Keyop goes after her, forcing the rest of G-Force to go after him. In Changu, both Princess and Keyop separately learn about a group of warriors who have been causing trouble and Keyop is about to meet them personally.

What they got right: A look at the history and mind of Princess. It’s a good start-up to the story.

What they got wrong: A story that’s already been told, namely the episode “Charioteers of Changu“. Also, while the art works OK in black and white, it just screams out for color.

Recommendation: I would recommend the episode over the comic, but if the former isn’t available, the comic may still work.


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