Godzilla #16 (Marvel)

“I think you’ve got a cavity.”

Godzilla #16

Marvel Comics (November, 1978)

“The Great Godzilla Round-Up!”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Dan Green
COLORIST: Francois Mouly
LETTERER: Jean Simek
EDITOR: Bob Hall

When Godzilla destroys a cowboy’s ranch, he puts out a reward, but of course a bunch (herd?) of cowboys is no match for Godzilla. In the process they end up at a box canyon where the rustlers have hidden the cows they stole from everyone. Exposed, the flunkies give up and one of the ringleaders is stopped from killing the rancher by Godzilla.

What they got right: A happy ending?

What they got wrong: If this was a one-issue story I would have written it off like I did Godzilla’s trip to Vegas. But two issues? Godzilla being framed by cattle rustlers to hide their operation? This just doesn’t feel like a story you’d expect or want to see Godzilla being a part of. I don’t think cowboys, even in 1978, were this cut off from reality or stuck in an Old West picture.

Recommendation: It’s just quirky enough to evade my recommending you avoid but this is not a Godzilla story you need to run out and find.


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