Godzilla #21 (Marvel)

Kaiju BBQs are weird.

Godzilla #21

Marvel (April, 1979)

“The Doom Trip!”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Tripe
INKER: Dan Green
LETTERER: Irving Wantambe
EDITOR: Al Milgrom

The Fantastic Four is able to subdue Godzilla, but what to do when the rest of the shrinking gas wears off? Reed has the solution in the form of a purloined Doctor Doom-brand time machine. They send Godzilla to the distant pass where he runs afoul of some cavemen hoping to conquer the Valley Of Flame. And since this is still a Marvel comic this leads to Godzilla fighting another hero in the form of Devil Dinosaur before they agree to team up against the invaders.

What they got right: I kid because this is Marvel’s usual MO, but when Godzilla is normal dino-size (at least for now) you’d have to be crazy not to either drop him in the Savage Land or deal with Devil Dinosaur. And it was a good fight. As far as “get rid of Godzilla” plans go in this franchise this makes the most sense. Certainly better than a certain other attempt to use time travel to stop Godzilla.

What they got wrong: That said, Moon Boy’s reasoning to have Devil fight Godzilla (“he spits fire, he must be evil”) is kind of weak, even for Marvel reasons to get heroes to fight each other.

Recommendation: Godzilla fighting monsters instead of superheroes….that’s more like it! Grab this issue if you find it.


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