Dark Claw Adventures

“Someone tell Alfin to stick to murals of Crusher Joe!”

Dark Claw Adventures

Amalgam (DC Comics; June, 1997)

“Face To Face”
FINISHER: Rick Burchett
COLORIST: Linda Medley
LETTERER: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: Scott Peterson

As you can tell, this comic is done as if in the universe where Amalgam publishes comics Dark Claw (the Batman/Wolverine fusion) produced the animated series. (Possibly after the success of the movie with Hugh Keaton.)

After Dark Claw killed Ra’s A-Pocalypse to keep him from spreading a killer anti-mutant virus (in the episode “Legacy Of Apocalypse”), Lady Talia’s attempt to reach her father (and finding no body) resulted in her body being badly burned and forced to become a cyborg. Now she has come seeking revenge on Dark Claw, the man she loves but by rights must kill. First her cyborg assassins attack Logan in his fake criminal ID of Patch Malone, which is really a way of slipping a tracking device on him to learn where the burrow is. Then she ties up Sparrow to fight Dark Claw one-on-one. He decides to show her the dark side of wanting to kill, something he’s fought for years, and gives her an open shot…which she does straight to the heart with her adamantium claws. But before she can commit suicide as penance, Logan’s healing factor brings him back and the two have a touching moment…which would have been better if someone had untied Sparrow first.

What they got right: Good golly this was a fun story, mostly thanks to Sparrow. She reminds me what I like about Jubilee. (Not surprising since she’s half Jubilee.) When Talia stabs Dark Claw in the heart, it’s covered by his cape, which considering this is based on an all-ages comic (which means kid-friendly is a must), it’s a good compromise considering someone is being stabbed through the heart and the show didn’t shy away from death, just watched how it was presented. The art style was in line with the character models Bruce Timm used in the Batman show, which isn’t surprising since Templeton worked on the various Batman Adventures titles.

What they got wrong: Most reviewers would put the THX-1138 reference in their “got right” but since I really don’t like that movie I’m putting it here. Also, one of the LMD training robots in the Danger Cave is an amalgamation of Two-Face and the Green Goblin or possibly Hobgoblin, which is odd because the Goblins are Spider-Man’s enemies.

I’ve already reviewed Dark Claw and Sparrow in my review of Legends Of The Dark Claw in the first set (I will say that I like the Bruce Timm- style design of Dark Claw better than the previous one) and none of the other amalgamations, even Ra’s A-pocalypse, had enough panel time to make a proper judgement. So there’s only one amalgamation to review.

  • Lady Talia (Talia Al Ghul/Lady Deathstrike): Given both characters’ histories this is probably the best amalgamation they could come up with and it so works, giving Lady Talia a complex character for such a short story without the years of build up it pretends to have. It’s probably one of the best Amalgam fusions in the event.

Would I buy the series: Most likely. If Dark Claw: The Animated Series was anything like Batman: The Animated Series, I mostly like would have gotten it. The latter was the best Batman comics being produced in the 90s for my taste so I’d be more likely to buy this than Legends Of The Dark Claw.

Recommendation: Easily one of my favorite Amalgam comics, I highly recommend it, especially to fans of the Bruce Timm Batman as well as Batman and Wolverine.


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