“Note to self: never mention Neil Gaiman to this guy.”

Marvel Adventures #11

Marvel Comics (February, 1998)

Spider-Man: “The Price Of Admission”

WRITER: Ralph Macchio


INKER: Harry Candelario

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley

LETTERER: Mike HIggins

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

The Wizard has Sandman broken out of prison to have him “audition” for a spot in the Frightful Four (after expelling Hydro-Man). Sandman decides to rob a charity concert. Meanwhile Mary Jane isn’t happy about Peter’s disappearance on one of their dates and considers rethinking their relationship, while earlier talking Peter into asking JJ for a raise. Of course JJ turns him down, but Peter does get MJ to go with him to the concert, but is forced to run off because Spider-Man has to stop the Sandman from robbing the concert. While he succeeds Sandman manages to escape, and since Peter has pictures of Spidey’s failure, JJ is so happy he gives Peter the raise. Now if he can only get back on MJ’s good side. And Sandman is welcomed into the Frightful Four, while the comic teases a different FF for the next issue.

What they got right: Still set in the spin-off of the Fox Kids cartoons (very loosely) it makes sense that MJ doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man. The way Spidey defeats Sandman is clever.

What they got wrong: The art is still terrible. And for some reason Peter is drawn with his old glasses. He lost those in the comics while he was still in high school. Why would he have them here?

Recommendation: A mediocre but not otherwise bad story. It’s not really worth tracking down but I may hold on to it for now.

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