I don’t usually bother talking about teaser trailers. They usually just exist to say “hey, we have a movie coming out” but don’t really tell you a lot about what’s coming. Sure, people love to speculate and find easter eggs and whatnot but it’s not usually interesting for me to talk about. So what’s so different about the upcoming Spider-Flick?

Well, this teaser may not explain a lot but it actually explains enough that theorizing about it isn’t grasping at as many straws as usual. In other words, there’s actually something to talk about. Congratulations to Marvel Studios or Sony or whomever hired the people who made the teaser because they actually knew what they were doing. So, let’s talk about it.

I see we still have lore issues. I’ll get to that in this week’s Finally Watched, but Spider-Man: Homecoming, while a good movie and getting Peter/Spider-Man’s character right really messed up the rest of the lore. The lady in the beginning who knows Peter’s Spidey? That’s supposed to be Aunt May. You know.

Still my favorite Aunt May moment ever!

Yeah, I’m still having trouble with that. In the comics May did have a romance starting with Jarvis until Mephisto fragged everything up because the Spider-Writers hate Mary Jane. Instead it looks like they’re setting up a Happy/May romance. That’s kind of funny given what Happy thought of Peter in Homecoming but it’s so off-lore at this point not just for doting Aunt May but for Happy and Pepper. Of course in the comics Happy is dead and I don’t know what’s become of Pepper so Happy’s at least doing better here. Speaking of the other Mrs. Parker, MJ is named “Michelle”, not Mary Jane. Apparently they couldn’t even look up a character’s full name. I’m surprised Vulture in the first movie had the right name. The thing is I think Zendaya could play a proper Mary Jane Watson. All she needs is the right hair and personality.

This could work. What we see in the trailer doesn’t. Michelle actually does look like a good character. They all do. Ned Leeds’ namesake is still Peter’s support net, which I’m always in favor of with superheroes. Flash may even be more fun than his proper incarnation, but that’s not the point. Either adapt something right or don’t bother. Again, I’ll get into it in the next Finally Watched installment.

I’ve been seeing (although I’ve avoided seeing other reviews until I got my own thoughts down) notations of Mysterio in the movie, and he appears to be. However not much is being said about who he’s fighting, because I’m pretty sure that’s Hydro Man, recurring Spider-Foe and occasional member of the Fantastic Four’s evil (and rather pathetic) opposite number, the Frightful Four. (Basically the Wizard sucks at…almost everything really.) We don’t see a lot of these two because it is still a teaser, but for some reason they seem to be at war with each other in France. That should be interesting. Is it tied to why Nick Fury is here? I’m kind of behind on the MCU movies at the moment and until the cable situation is resolved there’s not much I can currently do on that front.

So it could be a good movie, but I’m not very confident about it as a Spider-Man adaptation. This bothers me but I still kind of want to see it. Where it fails as an adaptation it looks to be a fun superhero movie. That’s one up on Man Of Steel anyway.

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