Amy, you almost left him standing at the alter to fool around with the Doctor. He waited thousands of years while you healed in a huge box. YOU LOSE ANY RIGHT TO BE JEALOUS EVER!

Yeah, I know it’s not FLCL but I needed something to open with that’s actually in my media library, and their relationship is almost as crazy.

Anyway, FLCL, pronounced “fooly cooly” is the story of a Japanese boy in a small town dealing with his crazy dad and grandpa while missing his brother and dealing with his brother’s girlfriend. And there’s a giant iron outside of town for some reason. Then Haruka shows up and everything goes to bat guano in hyperspeed. The show is insane in all the best ways and I highly recommend it. Adult Swim still has it and the two sequels I need to catch up on their website, six half-hour episodes per series. Also tonight’s video contains spoilers for the show so go watch that first if you wish. Also this video has a few panty shots.

In a series of videos I’ve posted from the Cartoon Cypher we looked at dubbing Cowboy Bebop, the first in a series of their videos on the topic of anime dubbing I want to show you guys, and last week it was about the English comedic dub of Ghost Stories. Tonight we have one of their follow-ups, examining the work that went into dubbing this insanity and getting help from the creator himself. And given how much was put into this show’s dub you have to admire the work.

If you want to see more of their videos on FLCL and its sequels, or any of the other dub versus sub commentaries (since I’m only choosing a select few to set up the one I really want to post), check out their YouTube channel. Next time we’ll look at the creative process of the dub in more general terms before getting to the important one. We’re almost there, I promise.

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  1. […] I wanted to post they’ve taken a look at specific dubs: Cowboy Bebop, Ghost Stories, and FLCL. The first was a dub that even sub fans seem to prefer, the second a gag dub officially released, […]


  2. […] few particular dubs that got brought up in it. Namely the dubs for Cowboy Bebop, Ghost Stories, and FLCL. None of these, nor the videos on translating to English or altering animation for the sake of […]


  3. […] audience. (I haven’t heard what he thinks of the live-action movie.) The creator of FLCL was involved with the dub while even the Ghost Stories gag dub came with rules from the animation […]


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