“These fangirls get more vicious every time!”

Iron Man 2001

Marvel Comics (2001)

COLORIST: Dave Pentz

LETTERER: Dave Sharpe


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort


WRITER: Chris Claremont

PENCILER: Michael Ryan

INKER: Sean Parsons

“Black And White”

WRITER: Frank Tieri

ARTIST: Craig Wilson

In the main story Iron Man travels to Sarawak (which may or may not be the actual Malasian state) but the armor is shot down by government forces hoping to steal its secrets. Force to hide Tony runs across a bunch of trouble, including when he tries to help a boy named Kiko, but is aided by the boy’s mom, Anna. She turns out to be a computer genius almost on Tony’s level as well as a skilled fighter. She’s also the target for a gangster named Po. Kiko finds the Iron Man armor and turns it in to Po, hoping it will get him to leave his mom alone. Not surprisingly this doesn’t happen and Tony and Anna have to rescue both Kiko and the damaged armor. With some help from the Avengers, Iron Man manages to escape and get both Anna and Kiko to the US to start new and better lives.

What they got right: Claremont’s usually wordy narration, while still something to be avoided to this extent, actually works better here than in other stories. The focus is on Tony and the troubles he’s having getting the armor back. Claremont gives good reasons why Tony can’t just go to the embassy or call in the Avengers. Anna and Kiko are also good characters.

What they got wrong: Po barely registers as a threat, more like an excuse to have to fight the government forces with a virus-ridden suit and how Kiko ends up getting taken for a ride. I don’t think Skinweb shows up again, which is almost as bad as Anna and Kiko not showing up again. A woman who can keep up with Tony and be a decent love interest has a lot of potential and Kiko isn’t a bad kid or kid character.

The back-up story, written by the current main title, has Tyberius Stone trying to convince Tony they’re both still trapped in Dreamvision until Rumiko bursts in and reveals that Ty is now bound to the machine, Ty admitting that part of his mind is now part of the system. Rather than ask Tony for help he would rather trick him even though Tony would have helped, part of his continuing game against Tony. Rumiko tries to get him to help for her but, and this is the best part of the story in my opinion, he tells her that she isn’t innocent in this, that he wanted to get back at Tony as well. When he leaves she admits her mistake and upset that Ty doesn’t even care dumps him, Ty calling for pictures of her to go online in retaliation. It’s a good epilogue to the whole set of events with Dreamvision and Tony’s recent situation with Askew Technologies, so this should probably come before the story I promise I’ll get back to next time.

Recommendation: A good overall comic that’s worth checking out.

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