I keep missing my anniversaries. This should have been done last week. However, I’ve talked about how this month has been filled with distractions with equipment failures and life issues and all that. You’re tired of hearing it and I’m tired of talking about it so let’s talk about the longest running project I’ve been a part of that didn’t pay me or legally make me stay there. (I’m talking about school, although at times it felt like prison.)

For those who came in late: In 2008 I spent time in the hospital, a situation that would happen again 8 years later but I digress. While home recovering I came across blogs like Comic Coverage, Siskoid’s Blog Of Geekery, Slay Monstrobot Of The Deep, and others. When my comments were almost as long as the articles I decided it best I just start my own blog. 11 years later and I’m still doing it. That’s amazing for me.

At each anniversary (or roughly so since I have a bad habit of forgetting…this year at least I just got the date wrong) I go back through the previous years’ reviews and commentaries to find what I feel is the best stuff I produced that year, the ones that stick with me and may have even been referenced a lot. So if you are new here, I have a few articles you may want to catch up on.

  • The “It’s Just A Kids Show” Argument: This one takes on a different meaning considering what’s happened to certain genres of review or animation on YouTube, that a show for kids means it’s allowed to suck. A good story’s where you find it and kids deserve a good story, too.
  • Eulogy For A Monsterbot: Last Christmas came with a huge lump of coal when it was announced that Brian Snell of Slay Monstrobot Of The Deep had passed away. Remember that this was one of the blogs that led me into blogging and his passing would have hurt any time of the year. The site still exists. (Link in the Other Favorite Sites section of the footer.)
  • Vertigo’s Potential Blasphemy: The announcement of Vertigo’s Second Coming was terrible at concept and I heard the actual book wasn’t even that good. No wonder the Vertigo imprint died.
  • Where In Animation Is Carmen Sandiego: The only think worse than a bad idea making for a bad adaptation is when a GOOD idea is ruined by being a bad adaptation for name recognition or to strike against the original. Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego sounds like a good concept but it doesn’t sound like Carmen Sandiego.
  • Finally Watched…Casablanca: The film classic isn’t one of my usual movies but it has had such a strong cultural impact I wanted to check it out for myself. Naturally most of what you know is wrong, as quotes have been misused by the culture and two characters treated as villains by everyone else barely register and were actually his friends. That’s a huge goof.
  • What Star Wars Can Learn From Lego’s The Freemaker Adventures (A Saturday Night Showcase Special): I offer a solution to fix the overpowered Rey issue. Just make Rowan Freemaker canon.
  • Sing Me A Story: Brenda & Eddie’s Italian Restaurant: Sing Me A Story has led to me learning more about the backstory of songs than I would have expected. In this one I looked at Billy Joel’s “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” because I was curious why it seemed so disjointed. I got my answer and it was interesting.
  • Thundercats: The Sales Pitch: While failing to find a posting of the original Thundercats story bible online I did come across the original sales pitch. There were a few name alterations and a character added later.
  • The Problem With Comics In 2019: I decide to bypass all the drama and partisanship that I can to go over why I think comics as a medium is slowly dying.
  • Animation Is A Medium, Not A Genre: Building off a video by Mr. Enter I make a commentary about how animation is poorly treated by the entertainment industry.
  • Movie Franchises That Should Be “Spider-Versed”: With Into The Spider-Verse being Sony’s first hit Spider-Man movie since Rami’s second film, I thought of a few other franchises that might do better as cartoons than they did as live-action.
  • Six Comics That Took A Long Time To Be Famous Out Of Comics: There’s this false belief that new comics will never find an audience as movies or TV shows, as if that’s what truly matters. I point out a few example where it did happen, some taking decades and others only taking a few years.
  • Lois Lane Isn’t The Source Of Superman’s Sanity: If a character wants to turn Superman evil they just kill Lois off. However, while that would hurt Kal-El, it’s Clark Kent that is the source of his sanity. Oh look what Bendis is getting rid of.
  • Another “Zack Snyder Doesn’t Get Batman” Post: How does a guy who makes movies like Sucker Punch not understand that Batman is a work of fiction and you can have him not kill all you want?
  • 5 Strong Women Characters I Grew Up With: The way female heroes are approached includes the notion that there were now strong women in hero fiction until just now. My childhood begs to differ.
  • When Should Your Hero(ine) Be Sexy: Look, I’m not defending fictional women drawn only to be sex object for the readers when it makes no sense within the story. However, sometimes there is a good reason to draw a woman with a fit, attractive body or in a skimpy outfit. It’s the times there aren’t good reason that someone should rethink their design. Then again I’m arguing with people who think Black Widow is sexist.
  • Sing Me A Story: Fever: I originally made this one to vent on a certain verse of the song, but like the time I reviewed “Mack The Knife (bonus link)” for the same reason I ended up learning something I didn’t know.
  • The Internet Versus Robert Bat-tison: The guy from the Twilight movies was chosen to play Batman, but from the way the internet treated the news you’d think they somehow got Edward Cullen himself and not Robert Pattison.
  • Extra Credits Versus The Nazis: An episode of Extra Credits was a commentary about how they didn’t like the use of Nazis and terrorists in some online battles. I saw their point but that doesn’t mean I fully agreed with their perspective.
  • Sing Me A Story: Big In Japan: Two songs with that name but only one is actually about being big in Japan. It’s just not the one you thought it was.
  • 5 Examples Of Reboots Done Right: Defenders of bad adaptations (whether the show itself is good or not, and sometimes it isn’t, doesn’t matter in this case) tell fans of the original that the new version is better and they just hate change. I bring a few examples of reboots knew what to change and what not to.
  • In Defense of Single Issue Comics: I keep hearing that the classic periodical style comic is old news and it should all be graphic novels now. I think they’re totally wrong. The problem is that they aren’t doing single issue comics right anymore.
  • What’s Required In Actually “Undoing” One More Day?: Having Peter and Mary Jane remarry isn’t what’s going to undo One More Day, but unfortunately by now eliminating this from continuity may be as problematic as One More Day itself.

There were a few others I liked for the effort put into them but overall I think these were the best articles I made in year 10 of the site. Now we’re on year 11, technically as of Saturday, and I’m curious to see what’s coming up next.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I feel that your analysis of women’s issues in all entertainment media was an interesting change of pace in some of your articles this year. Also, seeing the original Thundercats sales pitch was quite fascinating.

    Well, Bwspotlight will have been around the whole 2nd decade of the 21st century (and a small portion of the 21st century’s 1st decade). Wonder what will happen on Bwspotlight during the 3rd decade of the 21st century…….


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