I don’t know what the other variant covers were, but this is the one comiXology chose?

Captain Marvel #1

Marvel Comics (March, 2014–same day at comiXology)

“Higher, Further, Faster, More” part 1

WRITER; Kelley Sue McConnick

ARTIST: David Lopez

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Joe Caramanga


EDITOR: Sana Amanat

SENIOR EDITORS: Steve Wacker & Nick Lowe

I’m not sure what senior editors do that the main and assistant editors don’t, but too many editors isn’t promising.

Captain Marvel and Iron Patriot stop a thing from space from crashing into New York (and a house in New Jersey Carol accidentally sends it towards.) Inside is an alien girl in suspended hibernation. Carol has been feeling a bit restless lately and Tony unknowingly has a solution: have an Avenger out in space to keep tab on things that might affect Earth, maybe hang out with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. She’s his first choice, but with her family living with her in the Statue Of Liberty’s crown and her relationship with Rhodey she’s going to be leaving a few things behind. However, she feels the need to find herself so she’s decided to go and Rhodey’s okay with it.

What they got right: Not really following Marvel at this point I don’t know if the Carol/Rhodey relationship is a loss or not, but it’s handled well. We also get a nice back-up as Carol’s niece tells a small part of Carol’s origin. It is also kind of funny seeing Carol and Iron Man discuss the girl and the space Avenger ambassador thing while casually stopping a pair of muggers.

What they got wrong: However, the story starts with the alien girl, named Tic, and some others on an alien planet looking for some thing before Tic is lost in the crowd when dealing with some other bad guys. Given the pacing of this issue I get the feeling it’s going to take way too long to get to that part, so maybe they shouldn’t have led with that. Also, and again I’m not really following the main Marvel Universe at this point, how is Carol, her sister, and her niece living in the Statue Of Liberty?

Recommendation: It’s a fairly decent story but nothing really spectacular due to the pacing, a victim of “trade writing” and the constant #1 reboots of the series perhaps. It might be worth a look but considering how many times this comic has been rebooted we know it’s just Marvel making sure Billy Batson can’t get his name back by slapping Captain Marvel onto a character people like and for whatever reason it still isn’t working. (Yes, I think that’s why the movie was made as well while the Shazam! movie was trapped in development hell for years.)

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