Last week we looked at my favorite Kamen Rider series and naturally my favorite of the Showa Riders. (Yes, I’ve heard about the recent remarks the actor made about his time on the show. It doesn’t change the character or the show itself.) Tonight we look at my favorite of the Heisei Riders, Kamen Rider W (and there’s a debate if that should be read as “W” or “Double” that I won’t get into).

Inspired by American noir detective novels, Shotaro Hidari thinks of himself as a “hard-boiled” detective. His chief died as they rescued a man named Philip and the Double Driver, a device that uses “Gaia Memories” to merge them together into a Kamen Rider. Each of the two memories in a Driver offers different powers as well as power certain devices they have. They try to protect Futo, the Windy City (because there are so many windmills Captain Planet would faint), from Dopants, humans who use other Gaia Memories directly into their bodies to cause trouble. Shotaro and Philip are two parts of the same detective, but can they handle the late Chief’s daughter?

With each of their cases being two episodes long, at least in the early episodes (another one I need to finish), here is the first case we see that sets up the world, allies, gear, and character dynamics. An old friend of Shotaro’s comes asking for help finding her husband, but something sinister is going one, and it’s thanks to the Gaia Memory selling family that is the recurring threat to our heroes. Count up your sins and enjoy!

The series is (slowly) coming out on the official Toei Tokusatsu World YouTube channel…at least I hope they’re going to post them all. They seem to be posting some movies and specials but otherwise the first two episodes of each Kamen Rider series. As with the Metal Hero shows the posting schedule is a bit odd but this is for Kamen Rider’s 50th anniversary. I just want to see the whole series available to everyone because it’s really good.

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