Ultraman Tiga #1

If you don’t follow the reviews I do at Midnight eastern time, I’ve been reviewing the above comic, Ultraman Tiga, an adaptation of the Japanese TV series produced in Hong Kong. The show was brought to the US by 4Kids Entertainment and the comic by Dark Horse. I’m not super-versed in the Ultraman franchise but the shows I’ve seen brought to the US–the original (which I have on DVD), Ultra 7, and Ultraman Tiga, plus the fansub I have of the first Ultraman Zearth parody movie–were very good. There were also two US co-productions, the animated Ultraman: The Adventure Begins and live-action Australian series Ultraman: Towards The Future (which I’ve reviewed), which were my introductions to the franchise.

I’ve been wanting to look at the 4Kids version AND the original Japanese version for this series since I started reviewing the comic, and I finally have an opening to do so. Let’s look first at the original, and then the one we know in the US.

Do anybody else here the chorus from Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” in the chorus to the Tiga intro, called “Take Me Higher”? Anyway, I like the song, even if I can’t understand the lyrics. It’s a fun sounding song. The visuals are good but most of the focus seems to be on the GUTS vehicles rather than the reason we’re watching the show, to see a giant sliver man with large eyes blow up monsters. The 4Kids version picked up on that for their intro.

There’s a slightly different version where Tiga actually interacts with his logo at the end but the above is better quality. Now this has the focus we’re after. Tiga fighting monsters and flying, the GUTS team in action when they’re on screen instead of driving their cars and motorcycles. There’s also a brief focus of Diago, the man who acts as Tiga’s host. The song itself isn’t better or worse to my ears than the Japanese version, possibly because it’s only half as long. It’s the same pop style music from the 90s, only in a language I understand all of the time instead of a few lines.

I like both intros for different reasons but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the US version for focusing on Tiga and Diago in the visuals. It’s a good show and if you find it I recommend watching it.

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