“What do you mean I can’t use lead paint?”

Voltron: Defender Of The Universe #3

Image Comics/Devil’s Due (July, 2003)

“Revelations” part 3

WRITER: Dan Jolley

PENCILERS: Mike Norton & Clint Hilinski

INKER: Clayton Brown

COLORIST: Brett R. Smith

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

The Drules launch another attack and Pidge is overwhelmed. He’s one lion against a huge attack force. Hunk, Lance, and Sven race to the other lions they’ve uncovered, learning as they go how to use the ships to attack the Drule forces, eventually chasing them off. Zarkon is less that happy about this and prepares to send an army to crush Arus but his son, Prince Lotor, has returned and he has a plan of his own for both Arus and Allura. Back on Arus, the pilots finally figure out how to exit the lion ships while their proximity to the castle triggers something in Allura’s robotic mice friends. From their cage they retrieve the final key and when Keith touches it the statue outside falls apart to reveal the fifth and final lion they need to form Voltron! And then Sven, glowing with energy, collapses. Just when things were going their way…

What they got right: I like that they explain how the pilots know how to use the weapons and pilot the lions although they still have to figure it out. They learn quick, but they still learn. For some reason I was drawn to the coloring in this issue, especially the glowing energy effect. Overall the battle scene was really good. And the black lion is revealed last, just like in the original show. The spirit of the original is still present although so much has been changed to keep it fresh.

What they got wrong: Since I have nothing else here…why does Zarkon not have pupils although Lotor does? They’re just white eye sockets.

Recommendation: I am still really into this comic. You really need to get it if you’re Voltron fans, or if you just want a cool sci-fi story.


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  1. Sean says:

    I agree 100 percent with this review. It was such a joy to read this issue of Voltron.


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