My continuing look at the best fights I’ve posted from my collection…continues. This part will go into “Fight Life”, another free-for-all but I actually went themeless for the first time. From there it’s Repeat, Rehash, REVENGE!, which you may not get the full scope of because it was about using someone from the last fight in the next fight and I won’t be posting all of them. This is only about the favorites of the fights I’ve used. The final tournament we’ll check out is “Smokin’ Joe”. The theme was usually reserved for the championship, later the Prize Fight, and each tournament named for a famous boxer, real or fictional. So let’s see what we have from these three.

Scooby-Doo Numero Two (makes more sense in context) (Scooby-Doo #75/Fight Life round 2)

When someone tries to steal the Mystery Machine the gang use what they’ve learned busting fake ghosts to bust the thieves. It’s just fun to watch.

Thundercats Are Loose (Thundercats #2/Fight Life round 4)

With Lion-O dumb enough to eat berries without making sure they’re safe, he gets very sick on poisoned berries and almost dies unless he can fight off their effects. So the Mutants mistakenly give him reason to. Includes a message about growing up not meaning you have to forget your childhood.

You Must Be Dreaming (The Dreamland Chronicles #1/Fight Life round 6)

I need to go back and finish this webcomic, but a few chapters were published by IDW, allowing me to show you a fight where kids fight a cyclops and get his butt named after them. Because I kind of had to.

Burning Memorial (Double Dragon #4/Fight Life round 11)

The video game Double Dragon has never had a proper adaptation, and only one that was good, the six-issue Marvel comic. In this one Billy and Jimmy Lee fight a dragon to regain their superpowers they only had outside of the game.

Three Fights In One (The Transformers #13/Repeat, Rehash, REVENGE! round 1)

A human standing up to Megatron and surviving? And learning a moral lesson beyond “don’t mess with Megatron or you’ll die”? This is a rare event and I had to use it. Megatron would continue into the next fight.

It Beats Mega-Morphs (New Avengers/Transformers #4/Repeat, Rehash, Revenge round 3, because I missed 2)

And Spidey was joined by Luke Cage to take down Megatron. (Or rather Luke Cage pushed his way into Spidey’s homage to the cover of The Transformers #3, which is still better than America Chavez stealing Captain America’s Hitler punch just because she can.)

Why The Rhino Hates Bill Cosby (Spidey Super Stories #6/Repeat, Rehash, Revenge round 4)

It’s not Spider-Man that wins the round (unless you count not dying) when the Rhino shows up during the making of a Spider-Man movie but the director (played by Rita Moreno in the original version of The Electric Company) and crew. Spidey Super Stories are some rather silly Spidey stories and fun if that’s your kind of thing. Lucky it’s my brand of silly.

“You’re Not Fighting A Woman” (Action Comics #1 but I was using Superman #1/Repeat, Rehash, Revenge round 8)

I’m sure out of context someone out there hates that line, but Superman beating up a wife-beater should make up for that, right?

You Say You Want An Evolution (Justice League Of America vol. 20 #162/Repeat, Rehash, Revenge round 9)

I’m kind of biased on this one since it comes from one of the first three comics I ever owned but I still rather like it. I’m also sure evolution doesn’t work the way it says here but what do I know? I’m a creationist.

Tastes like Kryptonian chicken.

Big Appetite (Superman Adventures #8/Repeat, Rehash, Revenge championship round)

A giant Jax-Ur swallows an action-figure sized Superman. There’s just something happily nuts about that scenario.

Best Face Forward (Masters Of The Universe: The Ordeal Of Man-E-Faces/Smokin’ Joe round 1)

The Gene Cohn minicomics are some of my favorite Masters Of The Universe stories and this was one of the first two Masters figures (and thus minicomics) I ever owned, bought for me by my grandparents. It holds a special place for me, and when fighting a giant demon thing isn’t the focus of the fight you either did something really wrong or really right. In this case it’s the latter.

If This Doesn’t Get Me Votes, Nothing Will (Danger Ace #0/Smokin’ Joe round 2)

Actually it won! But how do you not win with a zombie version of King Kong? Even I have to applaud that and I hate zombie stories. Sadly the comic is no longer online but I needed a webcomic because my scanner wasn’t working at the time.

My Scanner’s Back (Batman & Spider-Man/Smokin’ Joe round 3)

I seem to be starting strong in this tournament. This was just Spider-Man at his best. Remember when Spidey was awesome?

Big Battle (Ultraman #1/Smokin’ Joe round 6)

Ultraman: Towards The Future was the second Ultraman series to be made outside of Japan and the first Ultraman comic not made by Japan as far as I know, although it was just called Ultraman by Harvey and later their imprint Nemesis. It’s a good show if you can catch it but the second half loses steam story-wise when it tries to be Captain Planet before Gudis makes a last comeback.

Holy Smackdown (Archangels The Saga #I forgot to write issue number/Smokin’ Joe round 8)

How do you mix the Biblical depiction of angels and demons with butt-kicking action? This series shows the way.

I’d Like To Be Under The Sea In An Ocotobot’s Garden (Sonic Triple Trouble/Smokin’ Joe round 10)

I would have happily bought a Tails solo series, but Archie only had a few side stories, a miniseries, and a storyline in Sonic Universe. Although he’s not in this story, IDW needs to bring T-Pup along with Tails but I’m sure Archie or whomever has the rights after the Ken Penders fiasco wouldn’t allow that. This makes me sad. I might settle for Remote Robot if he’s as cool as T-Pup but I want a Tails solo series if IDW writes him right.

And that’s all my favorite fights from these three rounds. Next week: more boxer nicknames and more comic book fight scenes.

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  1. Sean says:

    Thundercats #2 was the first Thundercats comic book I ever got. I bought it at our local pharmacy in late 1985. This was back when pharmacies actually sold comic books (and this particular pharmacy even still sold milkshakes at that time!). That’s why Thundercats #2 always holds a special place in my memories. During that time of late 1985, I was such a huge Thundercats cartoon fan. I faithfully watched it every day that I got home from middle school. So when I saw that there was also a Thundercats comic book, I was so excited! I ended up reading the Thundercats comic series all the way into high school when the comic book ended later in 1988. The cover of Thundercats #2 is also one of the best covers in the Star series. So much action on just that one cover!


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