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We’re getting to the end of this tribute to the Friday Night Fights and the favorite entries I pulled from my comic collection. You know how sometimes these turn out to last longer than I thought? (Like that Seduction Of The Innocent debacle.) Well, this qualifies. I don’t want the pages to be too long and I keep an eye on the page count. However, it’s taken eight parts just to get from 2008 (when I started) to 2015. (BW Media Spotlight’s 10th anniversary is in November 2018.) Sometimes I forget how long I’ve been doing this considering it’s the longest project I’ve worked on outside of my last job.

The boxers celebrated in this next set of fights by Master Of Ceremonies Spacebooger includes the other fictional boxer in superhero comics, Ted “Wildcat” Grant, and real life boxers James Nathaniel Toney and James Joseph Tunney. I missed a good chunk of this one because it bleeds in to 2016, that month I lost my mom and this wasn’t that important. But when I was on I did pretty good.

Anakin’s Not The Only Padawan (Clone Wars Adventures FCBD 2004/Wildcat round 2)

The original Clone Wars cartoon by Genndy Tartakovsky took time to show us other Jedi and Padawans besides the famous ones. Ventress came from that show, and so did Barris here, as she shows how to trick a droid army.

 The Cat And The Rocket (The Batman Adventures Annual #1/Wildcat round 3)

I thought Roxy Rocket was a DCAU character, and I was partially right. She actually debuted in the tie-in comic in a fight with Catwoman. That’s what I like about doing this site, the learning.

The Helpful Sniper (Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures FCBD 2009/Wildcat round 5)

As you can tell I was reviewing Star Wars comics at the time but the Genndy-based tie-ins offered interesting adventures. For example the time Kid Fisto’s idea of victory was being shot at by his own sniper. And it worked!

I think we have the plot if they give C-3PO his own movie.

That Time C-3PO Became Iron Man (Droids #2/Wildcat round 7)

You wouldn’t think Threepio would be part of many fights, much less kicking butt in them, but I found two such battles. This was one of them, and my favorite, because he wasn’t reprogrammed by his leg at the time.

Batman Versus Windows And PETA (The Batman Adventures #8/Lights Out round 3)

If there is one thing I’ve learned doing the Friday Night Fights, is that Batman’s two favorite targets are windows and attack animals, whether they’re hyenas or penguins. We also see why Batman has the coolest cape in comics.

Catfight Of The Mind (Lights Out round 4)

Sue Richards doesn’t the credit she deserves for how powerful she actually is, even from Sue herself. Too bad it took that horrible memory of the worse costume she’s ever worn to show it. Seriously, “Malice” was given the worst costume ever. Hate Monger is terrible at supervillain fashion.

Disarming Robots (Metal Guardian Faust #5/Lights Out round 5)

This is mostly to remind you this series exists and how badly I want someone to translate and publish the rest of the series. Just wait until I have a job or something first, okay?

Helicopter To The Face (Superman Adventures #2/Lights Out round 10)

I actually did this fight without referencing Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey and frankly I’m rather proud of myself.

Dueling Nixons (Star Trek: Assignment Earth #5/Lights Out round 11)

Yeah, I kind of had to do this one.

Huntress Needs Longjohns (Showcase #93 #10/Snow White II)

“Snow White” was a special two-part bonus fight. In this one Jean Paul Batman tries to take Huntress’s thunder but she’s too awesome. And Jean Paul Valley so isn’t.

Next time includes 2017. You know, the one I spent most of the year either in the hospital or recovering from it. I figure 2017 and 2018 should be fast going, so odds are we have one more installment of this to go, two at the most. See you next week for the beginning of the end.

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  1. I am trying to hunt down the Clone Wars Adventures series right now! If you ever find extras, let me know. (man I loved that series)


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  3. […] 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|Part 7|Part 8|Part 9|Part […]


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