Sorry this is so late tonight. I had another dental appointment and it looks like I’m losing another tooth. But at least they won’t be punching it out. See, it’s a segue.

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The boxer-themed fights continue in this section as we fought over Michael Moorer (not to be confused with Michael Moore–he can’t fight anybody), Larry Holmes, and Vito Antuofermo. Spacebooger must be a real boxing fan to know about that last one. Then again I’m not so I only heard of Holmes in passing.

Fist-Shaking (Dodekain #2/Double M round 1)

This is how you introduce a robot big enough to punch Unicron in the face and win.

Getting Hosed (Amelia Rules FCBD/Double M round 5)

Admittedly this is just me trying to convince you to read this comic.

Never A Mouse When You Need One (Thundercats #7/Double M round 6)

Lion-O and Cheetara versus a mammoth that needs a manicure. Comics are awesome!

{insert lame rock or bowling pun here}

Overdue Team-Up (Cartoon Networks presents Space Ghost/Double M round 7)

Dino-Boy was a back-up cartoon on Space Ghost’s show but despite there actually being a multi-part story where Space Ghost teamed with other Hanna-Barbera action characters they never joined forces. This comic fixed that mistake.

Data Becomes My Favorite Android (Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Coming/Double M round 8

I’m not sure how Star Trek and X-Men kept getting team-ups in comics and novels but it did lead to Wolverine abuse and I’m always willing to accept Wolverine abuse. Hate that guy. Data is rarely not awesome!

In A Better World (TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids/Double M round 10)

This was just after that school shooting here in Connecticut that was used by the anti-gun lobby to go after legit gun owners again. It was a tragedy and it still ripples out in this state. Because of that I wanted a fight where the kids got to be the hero instead of the victim and this is what I had to go with. No superpowers. Just two smart kids in the right place at the right time to stop a terrorist.

Green Versus Red (which unfortunately I had to show in black and white from The Essential Godzilla) containing Godzilla #21/Double M Prize Fight)

It’s Godzilla versus Devil Dinosaur. If Marvel didn’t find some way to make that fight happened they didn’t deserve the license.

Assassination Denied (Super Friends #2/Assassin round 1)

Hey kids, remember that time Poison Ivy dressed an underage teenage girl in a grass bikini and gave her the supervillain name Honeysuckle so they would work in a supervillain team that included The Human Flying Fish? Oh, you don’t. Sorry I brought it up. You probably slept better last night than you will tonight. At least Cheetah knows how dress a sidekick. Poor Chick and Toyboy.

Two For One Sale On Flying Punches (Billy Batson & The Magic Of Shazam #20/Assassin round 7)

Captain Marvel, back when he was still called by his real name, takes out two villains for the price of one. This comic shows this is a character that belongs in kids comics, not adult comics. Adults cannot properly appreciate him. Well, most adults.

Something He Learned From An Italian Plumber (Cartoon Network Presents #5/Assassin round 8)

Birdman doesn’t get enough credit among the Hanna-Barbera superheroes. This fight shows that he may be lucky but he’s still good.

Driving Mxy Daffy (Superman And Bugs Bunny #1/Assassin round 9)

Mr. Mxyzptlk meets his match…Daffy Duck!

Repaint Massacre (Voltron #2/Assassin round 11)

It’s the nostalgia here as classic Voltron battle a pallet swap of the first RoBeast he ever fought. Modern didn’t really bother to design RoBeasts.

Supergirl Vs. Psi part 2 (The Daring New Adventures Of Supergirl #2/Mosquito round 2)

It’s my favorite version of Supergirl in my favorite of her outfits…which may be a bias since it’s the first one I saw her in.

In Space No One Can Hear You Oh Yeah (The Adventures Of Kool-Aid-Man #1/Mosquito round 3)

Not every villain has to be out for power, money, or revenge. Some can just be jerks who like to ruin kids’ fun. That’s what I like about this comic. It does something a bit different and it’s fun in the kid logic sense.

Enemy Unknown (Mosquito round 5)

No, I didn’t forget to add the title. See if you can guess who the winner is before I reveal the battlefield. What I like about this fight is how well they adapted the movie it comes from (hint: it came out in 1985 in the US), and how you slowly see just how doomed the sub crew is at the same time they do…unless you read the movie/comic’s title of course.

In Russia Tiger Punch Bear (The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir #6)

A Russian extremist with the strength of a bear fights the Phantom, who has the strength of ten tigers. My money’s on the Phantom, which is usually the safe bet.

Angurius Gets A Win (Godzilla Legends #1/Mosquito round 8)

And frankly he was long overdue for one.

Godzilla Becomes The Orkin Man (Godzilla #12/ Mosquito Prize Fight)

Because you can’t have enough Godzilla. And this time it’s in color.

And that will do it for this showcase. Three more tournaments next week.


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  1. Sean says:

    Yes, that Thundercats #7 is a classic one with an awesome story. Did you get that Radio Shack comic book at elementary school or was that something you got at Radio Shack? I do recall that some guest speaker handed out free comics at our elementary school in the 1980s. Amazingly, that same Radio Shack comic you mention in this article is for sale at the comic shop in my town. Interestingly, I didn’t know that there was a Kool Aid Man comic book. That’s a rare gem you have for sure! Finally, I notice here that you talk about the Cartoon Network Presents Space Ghost comic book. It’s awesome how Space Ghost and crew and Dino Boy and crew were finally teamed up together. Do you have any of the Cartoon Network Presents comics by DC? I’ve been looking for those back issues at both comic shops I go to, and there’s never any sign of them. I’m only interested in the four issues that have the Herculoids in them and especially in Issue #21, the last issue. My strong interest in Issue #21 is because that comic features a story about Galtar and the Golden Lance, the only time that cartoon was represented in a comic book (other than the ads for the Saturday morning cartoon that can be found in various Star Comics titles of 1985/1986). If you have Issue #21 of DC Comics Presents, I’d like to negotiate to purchase it from you, Tronix.

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