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For those of you just joining us I used to take part in a multi-blog crossover known as Friday Night Fights, which recently ended. Now I’m going over my favorite entries of mine as a farewell, and to waste time while I get read for what will take over the Friday slot, at least temporarily. It’s not a topic that will last forever. What is it? I’m not saying yet, but I hope you’ll like it.

This stack of tournaments are named after boxers Bobby Watts, Kelly Robert Pavlik, and Arturo Gatti. No, I don’t know who they are. I don’t follow boxing.

Mental Combat (Justice League Of America #20/Boogaloo round 1)

While many fighters all the way back to the original MC and creator, Bahlactus of the late Always Bet On Bahlactus, focused on the really violent fights I like to go for the usual ones. Here we have Hector Hammond in a mental projection fight with Professor Martin Stein. As a Firestorm fan I approve.

Triple Threat: Kaiju/Robot Style (Godzilla #11/Boogaloo round 2)

Not that I don’t enjoy a proper beatdown mind you, especially when Godzilla is involved. It also features Red Ronin, whom you may remember from the recent Mega Morphs review. This is the series he started in and Godzilla’s Marvel adventures are STILL canon in the Marvel Universe even if they don’t have the license anymore.

Sword Vs. Helicopter (Revelation: The Comic Book #5/Boogaloo round 4)

As you can guess from the comic’s name, that’s Jesus with the sword.

Wrestling With Robots (The Transformers #55/Boogaloo round 5)

Wrestling and Transformers. Not the comic for Budiansky to end his run on but certainly one I enjoy.

To borrow from another Japanese character: Dugan…KICK!

That Time Dum Dum Dropkicked Godzilla (Godzilla #19/Boogaloo round 10)

I told you Godzilla was Marvel canon. Here he gets shrunk by Pym Particles (long story) and end up in a fight with Dum Dum Duggan. Before Dum Dum was retconned as a Life Model Decoy because Marvel’s gotten stupid in recent years.

Just another day in the life of Dum Dum Dugan.

This Time He’s Not An LMD (Marvel Premiere #56/Boogaloo round 12)

But we still have stories we know featured the real Dum Dum. Here he teams with Dominic Fortune over a circus.

Of Knights & Fruit Pies (Iron Man Hostess ad/Ghost round 1)

Seriously, would it be that hard to rework this guy into an actual Marvel villain?

Spider-Ninja (Amazing Spider-Man #252/ Ghost round 4)

Not much of a fight but a lot of fun.

Fights In A Vacuum (Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse #2/Ghost round 7)

As part of a tribute to the just-passed away Glen A. Larson I included this fight that shows that Starbuck’s kind of crazy works. When he’s betting lives instead of money. When it comes to money his luck don’t work so well.

The Hunters And The Godzilla (Godzilla #7/Ghost round 9)

Godzilla fights giant hunters from space. That’s what makes the Dark Horse run my favorite US Godzilla comics run. Also it featured the rare comic appearance of the Black Hole Ape aliens from the original movie continuity.

My Favorite Spock (Comic) Moment (Star Trek/X-Men/ Thunder round 6)

While 2016 was all about trying not to die 2015 was where death hit me hard. My mom and my last grandparent both passed away a month a part. A little after returning to BW production Leonard Nimoy passed on. So I decided to honor his passing with some good ol’ fashioned Wolverine abuse. Hate that guy.

Shark Smashing In Space (Iron Lantern/ Thunder round 12)

Iron Lantern is my favorite of the DC/Marvel/Amalgam comics, and here’s part of the reason why.

I missed a whole bunch of fights in the last tournament for reasons I think I already explained so that’s all we have for this week. We’re up to 2015 so by my math I think we have three, maybe four more of these to go. See you next week.

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  1. Sean says:

    Transformers in the wrestling ring with human wrestlers. Now, that’s pretty cool! As for the mental combat, that reminds me of when the Third Doctor (John Pertwee) would do mental ju-jitsu with the Master (John Delgado). Those mental ju-jitsu matches were always fun to watch!


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